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Atman Victor: His Digital Art Intro'spective

April 13 - July 20, 2002



     Digital art has become my second nature, it's something that helps me show up the passion for creation that burns inside me. I always try to be on the cutting edge both personally and artistically without losing sight of the past.

     Tradition and avant-garde are opposite terms in art that I want to reunite in many of my artworks. I don’t want to focus only in one direction even though most of my production is figurative and surrealistic other pieces of my art are breaking new ground on actual digital art, that is, they express the new aesthetic phenomena that are currently going on only in digital art as a brand-new tool to express ideas in the art world, which hardly ever before have been expressed visually with techniques prior to the computer.

     I feel particularly influenced by transpersonal experiences and they are indeed a part of my personal worries. Psychodelia, mysticism and everything related to unusual phenomena of the mind ... are also a source of inspiration for my art.

     Another important aspect in my art is the social criticism that I try to reflect in many of my compositions, we still lack true democracy in the world even though politicians still try to convince us that we live in the
best possible conditions ever reachable for the present times. In this way I feel the urge to continually put into question the status quo of the so-called democracies.

      My creative process doesn’t follow easy guidelines, every new artwork is a new challenge for me. I like to continually defy the viewer’s expectations regarding my previous art but my foremost aim is to amaze and make think all those who behold my creations, to arouse the internal powers of wonder and sense of the magic. In this respect, I am a truly anarchical artist who doesn’t comply to cosy features when it comes to stylistic terms.

     Well, to end things up, I should finally state that I utterly want to express with my art an inner world full of pent-up stamina that society commonly represses...let's say that I try to make the viewer think and feel
transported to a better world far from the inherited neuroses of mankind... A no-man’s land for freedom and release from everyday’s rat race.


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All artwork in this exhibition copyrighted 2002 by Atman Victor
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