eight digital abstractions

Pygoya is Rodney Chang, a 55-year old Honolulu-based artist, dentist and relentless-career builder. He has accumulated some ten college degrees, and his painted canvasses have been exhibited world-wide, from New York to to Paris to India to China and Japan. With the advent of the computer, Pygoya turned to digital art, working early with such extinct platforms as the Amiga 1000, and he has accumulated a storehouse of digital imagery, which he mines for his current needs. He writes, "These bits and pieces of different graphic files, produced over the years and with different programs, are consolidated with and into imagery created with the latest 2D and 3D paint programs."  Most of the images shown here were produced for a digital exhibit in Calcutta, India.    - Don Archer, Curator




Cyber Lullaby, 1999





Madame In White, 1999





Cyberart Dungeon, 1999





Enchanted Forest, 1999





Cyberspace in November, 1999





Cybermarket Place, 1999






Shuchis Mitra's Wedding, 1999





Bronzeworks in Cyberspace, 1999















































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Wed, 11 Jul 2001 22:34:59 -0400


"Don Archer" <>





Sorry about the errors. They have now been


I hope you were not upset by the phrase

"relentless self-promoter." It seemed fairly

appropriate. It was not intended to be

pejorative. I am an admirer.







Dear Don,


The phrase did make me think (again) how I may be judged by the world. It actually made me think a lot while stuck in 5pm traffic, yes, from the dental office. You are to-the-point, intuitive and a gentleman to clarify your intention as the author. Leave it, I sort of love that point of view. But in my mind, during the drive home, words and phrases like "persistent," "you only got so much time to put a life package together," "life effort is so relative to each man's conception of personal effort," "was it worth if?," "why (again) did I bother to get those 10 degrees (in retrospect)?," "any artist needs to hit it that hard to have a shot if not married to money," "relentless = die-hard, all out sacrifice over other life choices (like not making art, putting away the max as a doctor each year and be a millionaire by now like other dentist my age, and telling me so that they were right and I was wrong," "if I cannot make it with this 'relentless' offensive charge for glory in the arts and with a dental income as patron, who else could have a chance?". So leave it, I like it. It's a fair assessment.

MOST dreary to the eyes was actually seeing "55 year old" so and so-

It hit me how old that is, as perceived by the 20 somethings into digital arts and how, like my Amiga, I'll soon be extinct as a creator.

Thank you for your thoughts. They are precious to me. You have truly done a masterful job for the task at hand of promoting and archiving the best at digital art in our times. has a similiar crusade too as you know.

Warm Regards,