Please printout this application form and mail to:

Mausoleum Art Museum, P.O. Box 26261, Honolulu, HI 96825-6261


Deceased Artist's (or Art Lover/Patron's)Name_________________________________________

Birthdate __________________ Deathdate _________________________

City ___________________ Country ______________________________

Title of Artwork (if known) ______________________________________

Select which Exhibit Hall to place the artwork _______________________

About the Artist (or Art Lover/Patron) (50 words or less)_________________________________________________________






Note: No art image for Art Lovers; however may include portrait and an photo (scanned) image of any art related activity or collectible that the person fondly cherished


Sponsor's Name ___________________________________

Relation to Deceased Artist(wife, husband, son, daughter, relative, friend, fellow artist, etc.) ____________________________________________________________________

Inquiry contact information about the art - Yes, Give( ____ ) No, Don't Give my address or email ( ____) - (please check one)

Send questions about the art to this address or email:______________________________________________________

Permanent Address-_______________________________________________________

Telephone - ( ___ ) -________________________

Email (if any) _____________________________

Payment Type - check (__) credit card (__)

credit card information- type_______________expiration date_________

credit card number ____________________________

Please include $25.00 (USA) application fee. This a one-time fee; there will be no other fees to maintain the artist's work in the exhibition indefinitely or until the Web site no longer exists. The $25.00 fee includes inclusion (and editing if necessary) of the deceased artist's biographical information and ONE work of art (or ONE activity or collectible photo image for Art Lover) for the museum exhibition.

For inclusion of added numbers of artwork, include $10.00 for each extra artwork. No more than a total of 5 works of art is accepted for display. There is a $10.00 fee to place a portrait of the artist next to his or her biographical information. Keep the image memory size around 150K. It will be resized to about 1.5 inch by 1 inch. Color or black & white is OK. No scanning service of either art or portrait photographs is available. Please send images on floppy disk.

For best representation of the artist and his work, or a description of the artist (written by the Sponsor, may be edited by the editors), 5 exhibited artworks and a portrait of the artist, please mail a total of $75.00 (USA). Upon receipt of the floppy disk with text, images and the payment, prompt acknowledgment shall be made via the provided return address or email address.

Submitted artwork CANNOT be later changed unless a $25.00 handling fee is paid for EACH work of art requested to be removed and replaced with a new piece.

Submit artwork as electronic imagery on a floppy disk or as email attachment to Or request can be made to have cyberstaff go to a site where the work of art is online and grant permission for the staff to "save" it from its online location. If image is sent on disk, save it as a JPEG or GIF file. Keep the file size less than 150 K since images will be approximately 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches when viewed on the monitor from the Internet. Larger sizes increase downloading time and increase the risk that impatient viewers will cancel downloading the images. Our editing staff reserves the right to size and format the images to best present the art as part of a professional and uniform art museum exhibition. No pornographic art will be accepted since this is a family oriented art museum.

Allow 2 weeks from the date of acknowledgement of receipt of the request and payment to the online display of the artist's biographical information and artwork exhibit in the online museum.

Disclaimer- We are not responsible to verify the death of artists' work submitted for exhibition. We do not require death certificate verification of the artist's death. The museum hereby places all responsibility for death confirmation on the Sponsor submitting the artist's entry. Should correspondence requesting source of information about any artist's death arise, the staff will refer the request to the Sponsor's address. The museum however will ask the Sponsor to verify the death of the exhibited artist should such a situation occur. Upon unsubstantiation of the death the artist's biographical information and the exhibited work will be deleted from the Web site and without any refund of the initial registration fee (most of fee was for service already rendered).


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