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Dennis Carney (1998)-lifelong artist and adventurer- enjoyed boxing, football, motocycles, boats, besides creating art; married to Betty and had 7 children; Cleveland, Ohio.

Mary Yet Moi Chang (1920-1996)-lifelong hobby enjoyment in the drawing of women's portraits in the fashion style of the 1930's; mother of Rodney Chang from whom he was inspired to become an artist.

Alfred Koon Bo Chang (1918-1998) - art patron father of Rodney Chang; helped support the artist through art school and attended dozens of openings of his son's work in computer art.

Gwen Lux- famous sculptress, Who's Who of American Women Artists, famous large metal figures on the exterior of the Rockefellar Building in New York City; last public exhibition at Rodney Chang's SoHo too Gallery & Loft in Honolulu where she retired and passed away.

Ellsworth Kelly-(1923-1997)-One of the greats of the Post-Painterly Abstractionist movement of the 1960s. The artist studied at the Academie des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Known for his hard edge and flat color plane paintings he later varied his work by introducing curving edges and blended colors, sometimes even eliminating color altogether and using just black and white in his paintings.

Red Skelton (1913-1997)- the gentle clown-comedian for decades on television and in movies, was also a great artist of clown portraits. Even during his last years Skelton continued to paint clown portraits that sell for tens of thousands of US dollars. One of our (and his) favorite characters that he portrayed as an actor was "Freddy the Freeloader", a comical yet disheartening vagabond. Red, if you can read this, "God Bless", we love you!


John Young (1909-1997)-The self-taught and highly energetic painter was one of Hawaii's most successful artist. The flamboyant artist passed away on December 21, 1997. Young gained naitonal acclaim when Time magazine noted one of his seascapes at the 1936 National Exhibition of U.S. Art. "John certainly was one of Hawaii's best artists," said George Ellis, director of the Honolulu Academy of Arts. Besides his art made famous with his themes of seacapes, horses and children, Young was an avid world art collector and world traveler. Young was familiar with Pygoya's work, having attended several art receptions in Honolulu. Among his last solo exhibitions were those at Ramsey Museum and the Honolulu Academy of Arts, both in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Francis Harr (1908-1997)- Haar was the most famous photographer of Hawaii. His 55-year career included dozens of one-man and group exhibitions in Honolulu, the Mainland and abroad. Harr was born in Hungary, lived in Paris and Japan before moving permanently toHonolulu. His work has been exhibited in museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Honolulu Academy of Arts and the Hungarian Museum of Photography. The artist created several books of his photographs and won numerous awards including the Living Treasure of Hawaii Award and the Hungarian Photographic Society's Lifetime Achievement Award.




Fred Gwynne - A television and movie actor; famous for the role of father Frankenstein in television's The Adams Family; enjoyed sushi and saki with Rodney Chang at the latter's art opening in New York City, 1987.

Roger Ortmayer, PhD- Professor of art and art criticism; Rodney Chang's former chairman of his doctoral committee at Union Institute, OH; an avid lifelong art collector; resided in Florida





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