Bereavement, Grief and Memorial Support Links
compiled by Mausoleum Art Museum

Bereavement and Hospice Support Netline -resource directory includes information on our
Mausoleum Art Museum for ALL deceased artists, no matter what level of success achieved in life;

Growth House, Inc.- the search engine of Death and Dying

Grief Net

Orbits- celebration of life and loss through personal stories of real people by those who knew them well and miss them most; its goal is to be a comforting resource for bereaved families and friends and grief counselors

Univeristy of Baltimore-Division of Applied Psychology & Quantitative Methods

ZOOM- For Bereavement Parents

Grief Resources

Virtual Memorials

Inmemoria-Tom Golden's Honor Page

Perpetual Memorials

A Place to Honor Grief

Memorial Online

Memorial Gardens

Internet Obituary Network

Garden of Remembrance

Eternal Memories in Cyberspace

Eternal Memorials

Dearly Departed-AOL members service

Cyber Eternal Life

The Cementery Gate

Virtual Heaven

Destiny's Grief Resources Page

The International THEOS Foundation (THEOS)- an international support network for recently widowed men and women, to sponsor programs and provide services to help particpants work through their immediate grief and cope with day to day practical conerns of widowhood.

332 Boluevard of the Allies, Suite 105, Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1919; 1-(412)-471-7779

The Compassionate Friends