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Dennis & Betty Carney

Dennis was also a great
Walleye fisherman


"Doc" Rodney Chang is maintaining Dennis Carney's Web site in
perpetuity like a best friend - cyberartist and Webmaster - should

Dennis was quite a character, cynical about everything and just about everyone but a giant of a man with a big heart. Rejected by Mensa for almost starting a fist fight in one of the meetings, O'Carney was always the fighter of injustice and hypocrisy. He was proud to be a "Irish warrior", starting life as an undefeated boxer, riding with Hells Angels before marrying Betty (his wife of 37 years and "the most wonderful person in my life") and raising a family of seven children.. He was a lifetime artist and at the end spent much of his time polishing his Web art site and creating Cyberart animation for Webmuseum Theater, now renamed The O'Carney Webmuseum Theater in his honor. He was a brilliant individual, dedicated family man., a man of conviction and my best Internet friend (I can still see his "lol"s). He was proud to the end, claiming he could "still lick anybody " and continued, even that last week, to celebrate life with his Irish friends in his neighborhood pub. I never met Dennis but in the course of a few months we became the best of friends, communicating every day. I will miss that "big guy" and remember all those sermons of wisdom concerning the politics of art and yeah, "be careful". God bless you my warrior friend! You are no longer a "starving artist" and you art shall be remembered through my perservation of your Web virtual MUSEUM.. Rest in peace, Dennis. - "Doc"


Please visit The O' Carney Webmuseum Theater to see more of the artist's animations


Catwoman, 1998



Untitled abstract painting, birthday gift to daughter
Tracy in the 1970s




Still Life With Yo-Yo, 1970s




Still Life Studies, 1970's




Forest Scene - 1980's




Birthday Art Present to son Kevin


close up shots of birthday art consisting
on all lines!