Sample Historical Sculptural Works          BY ROBERT J. DOWNING        @Pygoya Webmuseum


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Precast Concrete Facing Design: Medical Sciences Building,
University of Toronto. 1966-69.

A total of one dozen panel designs.
Contracted in partnership with Ted Bieler.




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Rolling Cube Wall. 1967-69.
Precast Concrete. 11'H.X44"W.X6"D.
Medical Sciences Building, University of Toronto.




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Primary Units Through Space. 1967-69.

9'H.X18'W.X5'D. Welded & Polished Aluminum.
Mohawk College of Art & Technology, Hamilton, ON




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3D Painting. 1972.

Sheraton Convention Centre,
Toronto, Canada

Set of six motion finished aluminum and
acrylic modular wall Reliefs, each
7'L X 7'H. X 9"D. -

and, (seen here),
one free standing acrylic and carved
aluminum sculpture, (in 2 parts),
12'L. X 8'H. X 4'D.

From A Tangent of The Cube Series.



singapore.jpg (62802 bytes)

Reflection of the Future. 1987

Esso Singapore Pte. Ltd., Republic of Singapore

Organized select group of students from La Salle to assist with construction of
a 3 m L. X 2 m H. X 2 m D. mirror polished stainless steel and brushed
aluminum sculpture: used as focal point on 22nd National Day parade float,
and then permanently installed at Singapore's National Theater.

This was the last of six "Socially Integrated Conceptual/Performance Works"
It qualifies not only because of the student involvement, but also because it
encouraged Esso to donate $50,000.00 toward the setting up the sculpture
department at La Salle.

From The Cube Series.

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