a permanent online exhibition of
Truly Virtual Web Art Museum

Vip Suite Gallery of Pygoya Webmuseum presents-

December 15, 2000 - May 31, 2001

featuring the art and writing of
Linda Martin
Linda Martin's email address - lindam@tsn.cc


Forecasting of the future is a risky business
at any time, but the countdown to the end of
this millennium has captured much attention.
There has been particular significance regarding
the year 2001. Our creative imaginations have
been stirred by warnings of catastrophe from prophets
of doom and stretched by the futuristic visions of
writers and moviemakers. Citizens of Tomorrowland
living in neon cities in space were portrayed in white
stretch jumpsuits and driving superfast, silver machines
on looped skyways.

But here it is, December 2000, and we find ourselves
in a scenario that is not all that different from yesterday,
in a place somewhere between science fact and science
fiction, yet aware that 2001 could be the beginning of
our wildest dream or our worst nightmare. Change is the
one sure thing that we can expect, that the technical and
scientific advancements of the nineties will take us even
further and faster.

However, as the old systems are replaced, one hopes that
we will choose our destiny carefully, lest we do find ourselves
in a world of lifeless, mechanical reflections of the human spirit.
New opportunities beyond 2001 will include not only the
potential for improving the human condition, but also replacing it.
Will superior (perhaps artificial) intelligence be valued more
than human wisdom and compassion? The control button is as
close as our fingertips, but what kind of choices will be made?

Because mankind's natural tendency is towards self-preservation,
it might be timely to remember the message 'love one another',
of two thousand years ago. Humility reminds us that we are guests
of life. Although each of us is a temporary visitor to this planet,
every individual consciousness does contain a way through which
our world can be uplifted. The role of fear is to divide, to create
the confusion that separates us from each other and our source.
Pioneer spirits will carry us forward, into the third millennium,
with confidence and clarity, whatever circumstances are

2001... as I turn and face the horizon. I will cross your threshold
with optimism, aware that I, too, am able to make a difference,
that my every thought, word and action will contribute to a period
in history which perhaps one day will be remembered as a time
of great awakening for humanity."

"For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past . "
Psalm 90:4


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