The content of my art in its structure and color usage exists in the realm of universality.  To discuss the work in terms of geometric mechanic or construct with color is a fundamental issue for the building process of the work, however, not the final result.  The result is a geometrical poetry defined in pictorial space.

Straight lines, arcs, elliptical sections, circles, parabolas, hyperbolas, epicycloids and spirals accelerate speed of eye through the picture, thus spatial experience is altered through time.  Color vibration heightens the speed and expanse for the viewer to complete the picture plane.  With the constraint of geometric mechanic, I build through collinearity of intersecting geometric system in order to represent the dynamics of motion, gravity, flotation and corpuscular unity to provide the viewer with visual instruments used proportionately in perspective to themselves.  In this respect, I look to this pictorial vision so that the final result is raised through the perception and understanding of the viewer.

What is the vortex axis?  Is it a beginning end?  Zero vector equilibrium allows departure into positive and negative. Zero as point, beginning or end is as the circle that has no beginning or end and which encompasses all inward and all outward.

From slow curves to accelerated curves interlocked with straight lines of infinite speed are elements of natural law I have chosen for my visual language.  The elements of Pythagorean geometry underlie the structuring for a non-Euclidean space taking a leap to the present and future, a truly modern space.  The logarithmic grid of the square is through subliminal effect integral of the space demonstrating an independent singular universe. The direction of my work in method  displays universal truths giving it vision and experiential impact.

A visual mobility fixed by a geometrical origin extending to that constraint by which is displayed in the image an infinite cyclical formation providing tension and the dynamics of motion with color-orbit are the instruments by which I launch pictorial space.