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Therapy Into Painting
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Biographical Introduction to

Steven W. Pollard, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist-Artist


     Dr. Pollard is a clinical psychologist practicing in Hilo since 1993.  His art career started in 1964/65 when he studied art history in Paris France. He started painting in his mid 20s partly as a way of coping with his own emotional pain and distress.  Dr. Pollard sees abstract art as endlessly fascinating and each time he looks at one of his paintings he can see new and different things and experience different emotions in a way that is similar to psychotherapy.  When he starts a painting he doesn’t have a preconceived idea or concept of what will emerge.  He lets his thoughts and feelings from therapy sessions flow unconsciously to the choice of colors, strokes, and shapes that begin to appear on the canvas. 

     After completing his BA in Psychology, he was admitted to the Master of Fine Arts program at the University of Alabama in Studio Art and attended for several months.  He later completed his M.A. and Ph.D. in Psychology and has been practicing psychology since 1974 and painting from time to time as a hobby.  His work has always been abstract and in various mediums, including oils, acrylics, water colors, and more recently, digitized computer painting using Photoshop CS2 and Painter 9, painting on a Cintiq computer screen. He is doing more painting now as he slows down his Psychology Practice.  Much of his work is made up of oils, acrylics, and water colors that he has scanned into his computer and added to and/or reworked as digital images.  The paintings are then printed  onto canvas.  He then paints on top of them in oils or acrylics to create a truly one of a kind original.   He hopes that you enjoy his work as much as he does.  Please visit his web page listed above and/or email him with any questions or comments about his work.

     Since moving to Hawaii in 1990, he has been inspired by the Aloha spirit of the islands, the Native Hawaiian culture, the many mixed cultures that make up the people of the Islands, and the vibrant and lush colors of the flowers, land, sea, and rain forests.

    He had been displaying his paintings in his office and waiting room and many of his patients had expressed great joy and pleasure in seeing them.  With their encouragement he decided to try to make them available to others and thus decided to develop his web site. 

    He welcomes any comments or thoughts you might wish to share with his about his work and your life. 


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