Welcome to an online exhibition of a digital artist of the People's Republic of China.  The artist was discovered by Truly Virtual Web Art Museum when showcased at Shangarts.com. The director of lastplace.com receives regular notices about exhibits in Shanghai, China via the Internet.  It was with great excitement when Liqing's show was reviewed and offered an exhibition at our Web museum.

In 1988, Pygoya, a.k.a. Dr. Rodney Chang, was invited by the Shanghai State Art Museum to have a solo exhibition at the museum.  A stipulation was that the American artist would conduct a one week workshop at Shanghai University, College of Fine Arts.  At that time Pygoya challenged the students to enter computer fine art and told them he looked forward when Chinese digital art would contribute to the international arena of this fledging art medium. 

As far as this source knows, Xiang Liqing's featured show is the first for a digital artist within the People's Republic of China.  Although the works are actually digital reproductions of photographed digital imagery for an actual land-based show in Shanghai, it's presentation online makes it special and historic for the global online audience that it reaches.

Congratulations China, on entering digital arts unto the Internet arena!


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