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Artist's Information and Statement


Born and raised in Montreal in 1956, Marcel Achard began drawing

early. After pursuing classical studies and teaching himself oil painting and

sculpture, he learned lithography, copper plate (intaglio) printing and

ceramics. He also completed a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts at UQAM

at the end of which he discovered computer arts.

After many hybrid works combining etching, painting and 2D computer graphics,

he started as an artist/beta tester at Taarna Studios. Here he learned 3D

graphics and animation with Pierre Lachapelle the award-winning director of Tony

De Peltrie and the long awaited "The Boxer" short. Since then Achard has

produced different images and animations used by D'nA for promotional purposes.

He also "directed" "Memoires Vives", one of the first computer art group

exhibitions in Montreal and got involved in computer arts promotion and

exhibitions. His work has been featured in magazines and exhibitions around

the world.


Personal statement:


For centuries artists have tried to express and hone their inner self

through graphic representations, I try to compose paintings and images

as zen haikus, simple correlations of symbols, colors and attitudes

combined to create, maintain and convey a sense of inner peace or even

to place the spectator in a kind of serendipitious weaving, the goal

being enlightment here and now. But, most of the time it's about the

inexpressible path leading there and about empathy and consciousness in



Marcel Achard