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February 7 - July 5, 2000


Half Planes
1995 - 1998


p511a.gif (5930 bytes)


P-511/A, Acrylic on canvas, 154cm x 102cm, 1995-96

1996 by Manfred Mohr


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P-511/J, Acrylic on canvas, 140cm x 177cm, 1996

1996 by Manfred Mohr




p511o.gif (9334 bytes)

P-511/O, Acrylic on canvas, 142cm x 188cm, 1997

1997  by Manfred Mohr







p522dd.jpg (57823 bytes)

P-522/D, metal/painted, 87cm x 111cm x 5cm, 1997

1997  by Manfred Mohr








p522kk.jpg (39364 bytes)


P-522/K, metal/painted, 115cm x 77cm x 5cm, 1997
Private collection Germany

1997  by Manfred Mohr





This work-phase (1995-97) is based on the 6-D hypercube. As indicated for the "Laserglyphs" (1991), this complex structure has 32 diagonals from which 23040 "diagonal-paths" can be calculated combinatorially. A random selecton of two "diagonal-paths" from this alphabet of signs provides the building blocks for each work in this work-phase. Both "diagonal-paths" are shown here as thick white lines. A six-dimensional "diagonal-path" is built from six consecutive connected vectors, each having a different but distinct direction. Each direction represents one of the six mathematical dimensions. All six vectors of one "diagonal-path" are matched with there corresponding vector on the other "diagonal-path", resulting in six vector pairs. Each vector pair is oriented to form a non-intersecting planar quadrilateral, and then is completed visually with thin lines. Thus, six rectangles are created, and together with the two "diagonal-paths", describe a contour line, resulting in the most surprising shapes.

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