Exhibition Statement
by Earl Hinrichs

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My art is not created with traditional tools. It is not even created with
traditional computer art tools. I write the computer programs to create the

My programs are similar to programs for fractal and chaos. I make heavy use
of mathematics. But I view the software as tool to explore the mind, not to
explore mathematics.

These images do not depict a physical reality. They are not abstractions of
a physical reality. I try to create patterns of colors and shapes that
resonates with something in my mind. I try to touch something inside, and to
reach that point without any external references.

The creative process reflects this approach. I do not visualize the final
work when I start. I start with a vague idea. I begin to shape the idea. The
process involves tweaking formulas or parameters. Sometimes the shaping is
directed, I am trying to achieve a desired result. Other times it is
experimental or exploratory, the result is discovery. Most of the time, the
process is a blend of crafting and exploring. Most of the time I do not know
if the final image was the result of planning, luck, or some unknown force.
I use chaos to get to places that I could not get to by other means.

In this light, the computer is not a tool, but a collaborative partner. The
union of the computer, the math, and the mind becomes natural. And
cyberspace is the perfect canvas.

I have used cyberspace as the theme for this show. As you view the show,
remember the art was created first, then named for the show. Do not let the
names limit what you see in the images.


Earl Hinrichs,  for the Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart solo exhibition, 1998