Pygoya's 1999 works created within/for the

Las Vegas Art Museum cyberstudio residency

The series is entitled "cyberart download" to establish a point of origin for the works. What you see now are the "original" artwork, digital art created from  digital information.  For me, "cyberart" refers to art made for the Web or within the Internet context as a contribution to online "cyberculture".  "Download" infers removal from the Internet where it is first exhibited and permanently exists.  A printed version from such a download is considered a "second generation" image.  Downloading requires permission by the artist who maintains international copyright protection for all the works exhibited here.  Pygoya, artist-in-cyberresidence at LVAM Web site.   Artist contact -

The Cyberart Download Series




cyberart1.jpg (23136 bytes)

Cyberart Download No. 1- Cyberspace






cyberart2.jpg (13178 bytes)

Cyberart Download No. 2 -   Shifting Time






cyberart3.jpg (28450 bytes)

Cyberart Download No. 3 -  Cyber Search






cyberart4.jpg (48150 bytes)

Cyberart Download No. 4 - Millenium Portal






cyberart5.jpg (35966 bytes)

Cyberart Download No. 5 -  Cyber Pod






cyberart6.jpg (45919 bytes)

Cyberart Download No. 6 -  Cyber Lair






cyberart7.jpg (42201 bytes)

Cyberart Download No. 7 -   e-Promise Land



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All works copyright protected by Pygoya, Feburary 1999