On Randy's Thurman's Enlightenment #2 and Time



These two works are marvelous!

Enlightenment #2 has a convincing appearance of sheets assembled to a harmonious layer that keeps the eye at the glazy surface with its shimmering pastel colors. Light reflects off the partitioned elements and the round embedded peg tacks it all together. Contrasted with the blocky formalistic composition of segments, the glistening diagonal semi-transparent flow on the lower right adds another dimension and dynamic counterpoint to the stillness of the shield-like background.  Great piece, stronger in my opinion, than the work from which it was spawned.

Ah, and Time is exactly that. The star shape on the left with radiating lines suggests hope, the eternal afterlife, besides a frozen moment of the day.  Its brilliance is the accent of the scene, the focal point of the composition, which gradually fades into cavernous darkness, suggestive of the mystery of the night, on the right.  The colors and textures do convey spatial depth and a panoramic sense of the "landscape."  The contrast and hues read "dramatic" as well as "emotional," and overall, the piece intertwines the landscape with the abstract in a masterful way.



Pygoya, December 27, 2007
Director, Truly Virtual Web Art Museum