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Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 22:52:42 +0200
From: Aleksi Aaltonen <>
Organization: pp
To: Yola Gora-Wita <>
Subject: R2001 show in NY on June 13

To R2001 members concerning the June 13 show in NY

We are pleased to announce that R2001 will be a special guest exhibitor
at an exhibition to be held at Trans-Hudson Gallery in New York City,
New York between 7pm-1am on Saturday June 13, 1998. R2001 will have one
'multimedia-computer' (and possibly a projector to make the screen-view
BIG) running our show continuously throughout the evening. Present will
be people from The Alternative Museum, New Museum etc. From R2001,
at least the Exhibition director Jolanta Gora-Wita and Aleksi Aaltonen
will be present at Trans-Hudson during the show.

The general idea is that R2001 will create a presentation in a format
that can be viewed through the web - this is in line with the evening's
theme, which is titled 'Binary Code'. Basically that means that we must
create a single presentation in HTML format, including possibilities of
javascript, java, RealAudio - and anything else that works online. The
general rule is that it must be mainly visual - sounds, smells etc. must

be only in a supporting role - and since in the same exhibition space
there will be some sound installations, it is possible that at times the

speakers will have to be turned down...
Another general rule is that R2001's presentation has to function
automatically without any interactivity (clicking on links to navigate
etc.) from the audience. We (Gerald, Yola, Aleksi, Seiji) will take care

of patching the works together so that this happens (adding some nice
opening and closing credits, together with linking pages where
necessary), but in individual presentations the authors must do this by
themselves. There are simple automatic forwarding codes that can be used

and we will be happy to help with those.

So, we are now inviting all R2001 members to create presentations for
this show. Simple web pages with images will not meet the requirements
of the show - rather it should be a whole presentation, containing maybe

several pages, advanced effects (perhaps), text, sounds (to a
limited degree) etc. The maximum duration for any single member's
contribution is 5 minutes and the reward is a place in history. A
presentation may exceed this limit if the reason for that is GOOD.
Basically anything that can be viewed through the web and functions
automatically will do. But keep in mind, this is no easy task, so we
recommend everyone willing to reserve a minimum of 2 weeks for
making the work. It's only for one night, but the online version of this

show will be made permanently available at The World LightHome. The
initial pages for the show can be seen at

Finally, for those members unable or unwilling to create fully automated

presentations, we will also create a presentation (some automatic
code) that visits the R2001 sources and gives exposure to the members
work. If you come into this category, please start to give some thought
to which pieces of work you would like to include.

So, please let us know if you want to do an individual presentation or
want to be included in the R2001 section. The deadline for announcing
your participation is May 1 and the deadline for submitting individual
presentations is May 15.

You can announce your participation by emailing Aleksi Aaltonen to
and we can continue discussion on this matter in the mailing list