[r2001 00952] BC last update
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 21:03:11 EDT

Hello everybody,

I have some very good news on Binary Code online exhibition;

- we have a great preview of the BC expo in NY Arts Magazine and the web site
version of the above article can be view at
click on Internet link

- due to the constant courtesy of NY arts Magazine:-) we also have a 1/4 page
size page advertisement in June'98 issue

- all members of r2001 group, have a free listing in Artist Site Directory in
June'98 NY Arts Magazine; the web version of this directory is located at
click on artist directory link

- I just received an email from the curator of the Alternative Museum... Mr.
Wong is extremely interesting in BC presentation and will be present at Trans
Hudson to view the show. He thinks that the whole r2001 ideas are " quite

And here is another really good news...We will have a VIDEO NET
Artists from the 'Fakeshop', NY based group will make an installation
containing connectix cameras. The angles of the installed cameras (we will
have 4 of them) will catch the whole spectrum of the space and the works , and
the atmosphere .....etc. ...Thus the Binary Code presentation will be
transmitted thru the NET for you to view it and to be a part of this expo....
I'll have URL address and all the info about necessary plug-ins by this
Saturday, SO PLEASE CHECK YOUR ML!!!!!!!!
Anyway see you Sunday from 6pm- midnight EST time!

My very best to you,

Jolanta Gora-Wita
web and production manager for NY Arts Magazine

Independent curator and artist