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Mon, 23 Feb 1998 10:09:32 +0100
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Date: samedi 21 février 1998 17:51
Objet: [r2001 00297] Woooww!!!!!

Congratulations to all that have made possible r2001 VR Gallery. It's

It's easy to download Virtus Player and walk into r2001 artworks.

I would like to learn how to create own VR archive (I know AutoCad and
You may write me here (in easy english) if you think it's not
interessant to the mailing list:



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Subject: [r2001 00314] VR Gallery

Well I finally figured out how to manipulate the gallery controls. It is
fantastic. Great Work!!!
Thanks to all who answered my call for help!
Only one question(Minor thing). Am I correct in assuming that the works
superimposed on the outside of the cubes are not in the "rooms"? If so ,
is it a question of space?

I am thrilled to be part of such a talented group. The works displayed
are truly the finest of Fine Art!!


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Subject: [r2001 00316] Re: VR Gallery

Pygoya replies:

Hi "M" & the r2001 community of artists,

I am the builder of our vrml gallery, per request of Aleksi Aaltonen. I
had reservation because of the nuisances of using the program that we
all are now experiencing. But I agreed that we should forge ahead and
have a vrml content feature for r2001 to be timely included in lst
generation vrml on the Web. I have the same .wsb galleries at my own
site. Since as a member I already purchased the software and used it
effectively for my site, I was quite willing to assist r2001 in this

"M", on your question (below)-Yes, the 4 works are 'outside' the
buildings. Aleksi and I agreed on limiting the exhibit size to 20 works
due to downloading time and predicted response to a general call for
entries. As it turned out we got 16 besides our 2 works. I did consider
using 4 pentagons that would internally house 20. But then I came up
with the idea of "4-corners of the world" and using Aleski's r2001 world
map as the "sky". By using 4 buildings, a central cyber-"courtyard" was
conceived. By placing a space icon in the middle and works on each
building's front exterior wall I created a "negative space" virtual
gallery hub. By navigating to the space icon one can use Player's
rotator navigational tool and rotate 360 degrees to see all of the
buildings. I however selected to have visitors not enter AT the central
space object but from a short distance from the buildings in order that
they get a distant perspective of the structure cluster and enjoy moving
through virtual reality space if they have never done this. The first
time is the best!

Folks- please continue to experiment and consolidate easier instructions
to make it more fool proof for more visitors to access the gallery.
Those who have succeeded in navigating that speak other than English
languages are asked to do some translation. Give to Aleksi the
consolidated simple instructions in Spanish, French, German, Japanese...
and in this way r2001 becomes truly international in yet another

Thank you all for your warm response to 4-Corners World Gallery.


I also wanted to tell you that I downloaded the virtual gallery you created
for R2001. That is so cool!!! It works extremely well. It's fun! I did
not get the sound to work yet. I am one of those Macintosh people. Any

I have looked at your site only briefly, but I am enjoying it! I will go
back to your site to look at it more in depth. I will put a link on my
links page at some point also. I will let you know when I do.

Thank you for all the great work for R2001!!!

Hunter O'Reilly, geneticist & artist

Rixon joins R2001, prejudice against digital art in England too!!!

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Subject: R2001
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Hi Rodney,
Just a note to let you know that I have just been accepted into R2001.
Thankyou very much for pointing it out to me, I really like their brief. I
have been experiencing a resistance to digital art from the "traditional"
art world here in the UK. I am in correspondance with other british
computer artists, and they are finding the same thing is happening to them.
R2001 is just the thing to put a firecracker up their arses! It is really
frustrating, I never had any trouble getting my work exhibited when it was
on paper or canvas, but the same institutions that loved my work then are
not interested now, They simply can't see that the "Art" has not changed,
simply that I am using different brushes. What really gets on my tits is
that in the "Big league" in London, conceptual art is all the rage, as is
site-specific art which is even more intransient than digital art. But I'm
sure that you have heard all this before, as yo uhave been in the digital
business far longer than me. I'm just so glad that the web is global, and
we can have these conversations with consumate ease, it gives me so much
more conviction to know that I am in good company.
I have a collection of new work for the exhibition, I ought to do more,
but we have builders in the house which does not exactly make for a good
working environment. To add insult to injury its pouring with rain and
cold! I;ll wager you are enjoying better weather.
Have a great weekend, I shall as Formula1 starts this weekend in Australia
- one of my concessions to bad taste!!!
Take care