Hi PYB Families,

Costa Allen won Boy's Third Place in the Junior Division of the Youth
America Grand Prix Finals Competition in New York City! A total of 469
dancers from 23 countries competed at New York's City Center Theater. Costa
was also offered scholarships to the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at
American Ballet Theater, The Universal Ballet Academy (Kirov), The National
Ballet of Canada School, The Rock School, and The Birmingham Royal Ballet.

Our other Pacific Youth Ballet students received high acclaim for their
perfromances as well. Kaimi Cambern earned 93 points in the Pre Competitive
Division for his performances of La Sylphide Ancient Voice. Rochelle Chang
and Costa Allen earned 89 points for their Pas de Deux from Giselle.
Brittany Hill and Costa Allen earned 90 points for their Ribbon Dance from
La Fille Mal Gardee.


Lee Olsen, Artistic Director
Pacific Youth Ballet

Hello LEE and Hello to our PYB dancers in NYC,
   First of all, the sincerest of congratulations to our
young dancers. Those of us who have followed your
careers for some years now feel very gratified that
what we have invested in our support of you, the
hours going to and from classes, the long trips, the
weekends backstage, was all worth it. By doing well
you have made not only your own families proud,
you have made ALL of us proud and I can assure you
I intend to brag about all of you for days and weeks
to come.
   Lee, this has got to feel good. Now you know that
going through all that you have had to go through,
with changing studios and marshalling support from
families, and red-eye flights to the Mainland, not to
mention months upon months of teaching has meant
that our little ballet company [& I say "our" because I
think you know that all of us who "have stuck with it"
think of PYB as "us," all of the moms and dads as well
as the kids and, of course, our teachers] is the most
serious, most dedicated, and now, the most successful
company in Hawaii. Nobody, not even the "big boys,"
can come close to PYB - inch for inch, the best ballet
company in the Pacific!
   So my hope is that our younger dancers will see the
success of our senior dancers [oy vey! "senior" at the
age of "15" or even younger!] showing the way, and
see that they got there, not only though talent [and,
let's admit it, there's a lot of innate talent there], but
also through hard work and devotion: the devotion
of both dancer and teacher.
   So when's the party?
                                          Aloha, Steve O'Harrow
                                          for all our family in PYB
                                          Anastasia, Hang & myself