I am in process of purchase of vacant land on the Big Island in the Puna area.  Information from realtor during this research period may be helpful to others to provide insight into the real estate situation of land acquisition at this area of the state of Hawaii.

email communications:


Survey of available Puna subdivision property

Feb 2, 2004

Dear Pygoya,

Okay if I want you to call me "JJ",
then I'll call you "Pygoya".  Any reference
to Goya?

I have gone over your Puna/Volcano plans
for artist retreat/gallery etc and it is
impressive.  Let's talk more on Wednesday
when I return from Honolulu.  I've gotta
go catch a speeding airplane!


May 2,2004

MLE lots?  I saw one come on for 15K recently
but it's gone after a week.  Most are 18-20K.
Changes like the tide now since DOM is so short
for most properties.  Horse fighting before the
burning city coming along, city looks like
ancient Rome or Troy or Bhagdad.  May giclee
a copy for you of "Marilyn"; came out rather well.
Thanks for inspiration to get started.  If
laughter is the best medicine, then art is the
best generic because it sure helps.

May 4, 2004

Waiakea Villas is located on the road out
of the Hilo Airport, very central.  Townhouses
that are 2-story.  Some old and many new since
a bit of the complex burnt down and was
re-built.  There are dozens there at that
price of 75K.  My biggest worry would
be the "tsunami inundation zone".  This place
will be flattened during the next one.  And
you know Hilo's fatal history.  We haven't
had one since 1960 so people forget.  Are you
feeling lucky?

May 25, 2004

Dear Py,

This is a big morning.  In the office by 4am
to prep for the County Real Estate Tax auction.
Going in with "all the guns loaded".  Hopefully
I can pick up a steal like I did last year.
Wish me luck.


May 27, 2004

MLE: vacant land is all above 20K now
and most above 25K.  When will the prices stop
rising?  Even 25K looks like a good deal to
someone from Kona, but I think it will start
slumping in a year's time.  The auction didn't
play the way I would have planned.  Too much
auction fever, and people paying higher than
market value.  I did get a 3 acre square on
Captains (main paved road in Fern Forest) for
12.8K.  Market value around 30K,


May 31, 2004

Dear Py,

All Puna vacant land has gone up at least 100%
since last summer.  That includes all subdivisions.
I base this assessment on the cheapest price for
a lot in each subdivision versus what the cheapest
is today.  In MLE's case it went from 7K to
23K, and that is 3+ times the price!

It may continue or flatten out and that is
anybody's guess.  It will have to stop sometime.
I can't imagine a MLE lot going for 50K.  That
seems ridiculous but I suppose it's possible.

June 2, 2004

Dear Py,

I would pass on the listing on 3rd Street.
It's at the bottom of a hill, and you have
3 houses immediately adjacent.

The one I like is MLS#136445 on the cul-de-sac
on 4th off of Pearl.  Quiet, no thru traffic,
with forest.  25K price.

What to do with 20K?  I had that same question
when I went to the tax auction and spent 12.8K
last week.  I can't make any guesses about
how far the market will rise or for how long.
I think the best thing to do is find a place
(neighborhood) and just concentrate on that
like we're doing.  If you want research on
other subdivisions I'm happy to provide that.
But I really like Volcano, so I'm biased.
Let me know how far we'll search outside our
current parameters.

June 4

Dear Py,

1. MLS#126115.  My listing at Fern Forest
on Ala Naua Lani is land I own.  Price is firm
19.9K.  Sorry can't give a break on price as
I paid nearly 18K for it and have another
grand in it with improvements.  Location is
2 miles from pavement.  This one's probably
not for you, but I'll sell it if you want it.
Just not your style I feel.

2. MLS#136920. Another Fern Forest lot.
On Mailenani Street off of Leila Street.
About a mile from pavement.  Value for this
is near asking price at 11K.  Spaghetti shape
dimensions are 125'x1046'.  Fern Forest is
again not your style but I could be wrong if
you really want in that subdivision.

3. MLS#136920.  MLE on 7th Street between
Ruby and Jade.  Nothing special.  Lotsa Forest.
25K is market value.  Mauna Loa Estates is being
scooped up at these prices by God knows who.
But they are selling at asking prices.

4. MLS#136445. MLE On 4th Street off of Pearl.
On cul-de-sac but not at end.  Lot backs up to
another lot, not the big forest.  This is the one
I recommend.  This morning it still shows available
but I know most of these have an offer in already.
Price is 25K.  If you want Mauna Loa Estates you
have to pay asking price now.  It's kinda
ridiculous but reality.

5. Other acreage in Puna? HPP single acres are
quickly passing 25K at their cheapest.  Too hot
for me down there (sea-level).  Leilani Estates
quickly passing 20K for their 1 acre lots.  Leilani
is Lava Hazard Zone 1 (most hazardous) and is
close proximity to Puna Geothermal (noise, dust,
suphurous fumes etc).  They choices are myriad.
Best to focus.  Where do you want?  Hot is sea-level.
Cool is above Glenwood.  Gotta choose elsewise
confusion sets in and nothing happens!

Time to focus on the neighborhood you want.
I think you belong in Volcano.  But you have
the final call on where you buy.  I don't
want to steer you, so you have to make a
choice.  Sorry I can't tell you what to do.

Fern Forest Estates - 3 acre lots


June 7, 2004

Dear Py,

Fern Forest 6 acres on Jungle King.
Looks like a possibility if you want to
rough-it.   If you want to buy it I won't
stop you.  Says the shack is a "tear-down",
and other structures built without permits.
Basically this is minimally improved
vacant land.  Looks nice on pictures though.
Can't take you there in my car, so you'll
have to get a rental car.  The plants on
the road scratch my car.  Why I don't want
my Ala Naua Lani place anymore: too rough
on the vehicle.

Lotsa acreage in the subdivision far from
pavement.  You need a junk car to get there.
I would pass if I were you.  Too much

Mr. Roby hasn't answered me on the verbal
15K offer for his 2 acres at Eden Roc.  Will
let you know.

June 8


The road is decent but typical of Fern Forest.  This property is closer to the highway and should be less wear on your car.  Seller is firm on asking price so cannot say if she will even consider a 10K offer.  If you want additional info you can call us on our cell at 284-3700 (Honolulu #)


Will Castro


June 8

Dear Py,

Just wanted to relay the difficulty it is
driving "miles" over dirt road in Fern Forest.
My 3 acre square at Ala Naua Lani is great but
the two and a quarter mile drive thru a narrow lane
of encroaching fern and rough ruts it too much!
I wouldn't want you to be suffering the same
worry too.

You had asked about the 8K 3 acre lots there.
Now you can see why.  Nothing for sale on the
pavement now.  Probable market value of such a
thing would be 35-45K my guess.  Also no word
back from the owner of the Eden Roc place yet.



June 11, 2004

Dear Py,

Unfortunately I have two nice cars.

These are the places I cannot go:
1. Fern Forest unpaved.
2. Hawaiian Acres unpaved.
3. Kona Country Gardens (all).

There are probably others that I'll know when
I see them.

MY question to you is:  Why do you want to
consider a place that has such a horrible road
that I cannot even come for a visit?

But why would you want to be out in the
"boonies" down a dirt road that people
like me don't want to go down?

Why the price is so cheap.


June 11, 2004

Dear Py,

Questions answered:
1. Yes can sign at First American Title
in Honolulu (or other escrow if you prefer).
2. Minors cannot be a party to the signing
of the contract.  You can place them on
title during escrow but I would do it through
a trust.  Talk to you attorney about the
3. Kids on title but not party to contract
need not sign contract, but probably will have
to sign title/deed papers.  I would not recommend
this tack.
4. Any contract will require title search,
title insurance, and attorney's review.
We use Peter Kubota to review.  The survey/staking
is optional but suggested by Clark Realty.
I would like to have a staking paid by Seller
on the purchase of vacant land.
5.  Suggest you get a rental car if you want
to visit the "boonies" in Fern Forest.  I
strongly advise you against buying in this
subdivision unless it's close to pavement.
You'll be sorry when you have to drive miles
down a dirt road to your place, and many
people will avoid visiting because of your
difficult location.  I suggest you stop
thinking of this as a possibility.  Go for
places on pavement.


June 12


Hi Rodney,


   What your Realtor is telling you is basically true about Fern

Forest,Hawaiian Acres, Aloha estates, and a lot of other sub standard

subdivisions in the Puna  District. By sub standard I mean  cinder instead

of paved roads and no readily available water source. The mail is not

delivered in these areas also, as the homes have no addresses attached to

them. Some subdivisions have clusters of mail boxes where the various

residents go to get their mail, like a condo situation , Hawaiian Paradise

Park is like that. Personally I prefer Paradise Park . The main roads are

paved, with the cross roads well maintained . Most of the lots are only an

acre though. and it is a lot more expensive to buy,Also the association dues

are mandatory.

   Getting back to Fern Forest, its biggest advantage is vacant land

ownership is relatively inexpensive.  Its not as close to the Volcano as

some of the other areas, although no one, from Hilo  to  Volcano Country

Club, can consider themselves safe.Consider this, fern Forest is a piece of

old Hawaii that is unspoiled by development. The people that BUY into it are

land banking for the future, The people that  LIVE in Fern Forest tend to

not have many other options,This of course is my opinion. As for the roads ,

yes it is hard on cars,and even uglier if it rains.Have your realtor show

you on a map his TMK and compare it to my listing.That should give you some

idea of what your Realtor has experienced.

   Mouna Loa Estates (MLE) is a beautiful subdivision. I think the lots are

closer to 20,000 SQft The main entrance is Jade Street, and it borders the

Volcano National Park. There are a lot of newer ,nicer homes in this

subdivision and if you can afford it ,a much nicer opportunity than Fern

Forest. Anyway I hope this has been some help to you.



Wilo Kastrolex


First of all, my apologies for not getting back to you sooner.  No excuses,
just very busy.  I hope the info below helps!

Thank you for your inquiry regarding these side by side Fern Forest lots.
These lots are at the back of the subdivision on Jungle King Road backing up
to the Forest Reserve.  The lots are very junglely and the terrain is rough
with lots of cracks.  And it is easy to get lost if you wander off the
trails.  The properties were very nicely landscaped at one time with exotic
trees & plants.  Now a lot of it is overgrown.

On Parcel 21, there is an old coffee house that is a tear down; do not go
into this structure!  There is also a working water tank on this property.
The seller & his family lived on these lots and used them as one so the
water tank is on parcel 21 but has pipes to structures on parcel 22. 

On Parcel 22, there is the 2-car garage which is still nice & tight, a small
two-story structure w/ the barn door, a bathroom structure & a small
building that used to the kitchen.  All of these structures are fixers.
It's been quite a few years since the seller has lived on the property.
There are a lot of palm trees on this property, both in the ground & in

There is no electricity to the property, although it is available at the
road.  The SSPP cost is $2,844 for each lot. This is the amount that is owed
to Helco (our power company) if you decide to hook up to electricity.  Helco
will take 10% & finance the rest.  I can't tell you for sure how far away
the buildings are - depending on the distance, you may have to pay for an
extra pole.

These structures were all built without permits.  You can choose to fix them
up and live in them.  However, the County Planning & Building Depts may cite
you and levy fines until you get permits & bring the building up to code.
To get permits for these already built structures, you would need to get "as
built" permits.  First you hire an architect or a draftsperson to do the
architectural drawing of what is there and then of what is needed to bring
it up to code.  Then you apply for a permit.  Permitting cost is very
minimal here compared to other parts of the US, say California where I
understand the cost are in the tens of thousands.  Here you're looking at
probably under $2,000 for these structures.  As to what it would cost to
bring these structures up to code, I have no idea.  You would need a
contractor to give you an estimate.

Being that these properties are what they are, I would strongly advise you
to see them before making an offer or see them during your inspection period
which is the time for you to do your due diligence and if unsatisfactory,
you can withdraw from the transaction with no penalty to you.

The seller definitely wishes to sell them together and is firm on the price.
He is not willing to do owner-financing.  And because none of the structures
were built with permits and conventional lenders will not loan on these
properties, the sale would have to be cash.  This is one of the reasons that
the seller has priced them so reasonably.

That's it for now.  Contact me with more questions & I'll try to answer
them.  There has been a lot of interest in these properties as you can
probably imagine. 

Best regards,

Junko Weeks R(B)
Pahoa Realty
P.O. Box 1316
Pahoa, HI  96778




"Don't buy a house and not live on the Big Island full time.  You will get ripped off big time, guaranteed."

"There are no good people there.  Like the rest of the world, people are all becoming worse, evil. If you do get property there, be sure to surround your property with a tall fence with barb wire and get big bad growling dogs.  You'll be surprise how it keeps the Ice Heads thinking twice before busting threw the fence.  Had a friend live there and they took everything, including the copper piping!"

"When I said good neighbors around the listed property I meant homeowners, who usually are better behaved (than renters)."

"The cheaper the property, the less desired the inhabitants in the area. That's why it's cheap."

"Puna is the Wild West. Why would you want to live in a dangerous place? Better get a gun."



June 16, 2004

Aloha RC,

Here are the answers to your questions:

The lot has been partially cleared in the past.
There are no photos.  It is not common to take them of vacant land.
The roads to it from Hilo are: highway 11 toward Volcano, at approximately
the 21 mile marker,
turn left onto S. Glenwood Road which turns in to Captains Drive. Take 1st
road left, Leila Road
and the lot starts 375' from the corner on the right.
The SSPP cost has been paid in full by the Seller.
To hook up to electric service after purchase, the Buyer must have plans
drawn up, submit them
to obtain a building permit, and once obtained present it to HELCO and they
will arrange to hook
up to a temporary pole that the Buyer installs.
The cost on clearing depends on what the owner wants to leave in native
forest.  D-9 bulldozers
are able to be hired starting at approximately $150/hour plus
hauling/delivery charges.

Take care.

Best regards,

Perry Hotchkiss (RA)


Mauna Loa Estates, 1/2 acre lots, across Volcano Highway from famous/desired Volcano Village


June 6, 2004

Dear Py,
The MLE 4th Street lot is TMK
plat 6, parcel 16.  I recommend this
one because it is located off the
cul-de-sac.  That is my only reason.
When in contract we will have an inspection
period you can cancel if you don't like the
look of the lot.  We should keep that short
to 7-10 days, enough time for you to pop
over here and take a look-see.

Dear Py,

Unfortunately I have two nice cars.

These are the places I cannot go:
1. Fern Forest unpaved.
2. Hawaiian Acres unpaved.
3. Kona Country Gardens (all).

There are probably others that I'll know when
I see them.

MY question to you is:  Why do you want to
consider a place that has such a horrible road
that I cannot even come for a visit?

But why would you want to be out in the
"boonies" down a dirt road that people
like me don't want to go down?

Why the price is so cheap.

June 11, 2004

Dear Py,

After all this.....I think MLE is the only
place for you.   I will say no more!

On Wednesday June 16th I can be available
to write an offer.  Let me know.  If your
wife is away, we'll just put your name on the
contract and you can delegate to escrow the
other names of the owners (to be) for the

 June 16, 2004

Dear Py,

No word back from Dennis yet about the
4th Street property.

Side by Sides in MLE include:
1. End of 5th Steet (cul-de-sac) off of
   Jade.  MLS#137447 and 137448, 27.5K each.
2. Between Pearl and Lanihuli, mid-block.
   MLS#137945 and 137946.  28.5K each.

I'm preparing the contract and can change
anything in mid-stream if you want.  I think
perhaps we should get the offer on the 4th Street
place going. 


June 18

Dear Py,

Coqui frogs eggs die if temps drop to 42 F
for 5 hours or more.  That event happens so
regularly in my neighborhood that we'll likely
never hear a Coqui frog in MLE.

Setbacks per the County in MLE are 15' from the
sides and 25' from front and back.  If there
are encroachments you can report that to the
county.  There is no policing power of a
neighborhood Association because we don't have
one.  We only have a Road Maintenance committee.

Okay.  I drove down there and back in mid-email
to jog my memory again.  This lot sits next to
a small house nestled into the forest but closer
to the street than most houses here.  It looks
unlived in, and one that is a vacation house for
somebody not on island.  There is a garage canopy
and an old car perhaps within the side setbacks,
but nothing permanent.  Py, if we get acceptance
and you don't like this one, we can back out
during the inspection period.  And get all your
$1000 back from escrow.  If you want to withdraw
your offer anytime before acceptance, just let
me know.  I can do that too.

I know two houses have been built on one lot several
times in this subdivision.  Since zoning here
is Residential, there is a possibility that they
may allow an "ohana" to be built along with the
main dwelling.  That would be determined on a
case-by-case basis for any request to the Planning

June 25

Here's my thoughts on these 4 new MLE listings:

1. MLS#138237, 6th between Jade and Ruby.  Has
neighbors nearby (across street) but nothing
built next-door yet.  Looks like pretty mature
forest. Price is 27.5K.  JJ's grade: B+

2. MLS#137982, 5th between Pearl and Ruby.  Has
2 houses across street, and 1 house next-door.
Lotsa activity and cars parked on street.  Price
is 25K.  I don't like this one.  JJ's grade: C-

3. MLS#137786, 6th between Ruby and Pearl.
Nice forested lot in quiet area, but has a house
next door (good quality looking house, not a shack).
1 lot in from the corner on Ruby.  Price is 26K.
JJ's grade: B+

4. MLS#138282, near end of cul-de-sac on 4th off
of Pearl.  A few lots further down from the one
we have an offer on.  No pavement for last 300'
to lot.  No utility poles out front for last
300'.  Road there is still passable and not muddy
or requiring 4WD.  Nice forested lot.  No houses
across the street or on either side.  This lot
is lower than the surrounding area so may be
subject to flooding, but this is the most private
one available.  Price is 27.5K.  JJ's grade: B+

I'll check on HELCO and if the SSPP is paid for
the electricity on the 3 I've graded B+.

June 26

In arriving at the office this morning
I found both our properties has gone into
contract ( MLS#137786 on 6th and MLS#138382
on 4th).  Shucks!

Okay, so I did a new search.  New listings are:
1. MLS#138206, CORNER lot at Jade and 12th
(very close to me) for 28K.
2. MLS#138532, forested lot on 1st between
Pearl and Ruby for 50K (outrageous price!)

If it were me I would offer on the one on the
corner of Jade and 12th.

WRITTEN OFFER DELIVERED: (realtors talked on phone and seller firm on price)

Mauna Loa Estates
MLS # 138206 $28,000
20,000 sqft total land area
Fee simple ownership
Newly listed during last two weeks
Remarks: Choice corner lot at Twelfth and Jade in cool and lush Mauna Loa Estates. Paved streets, power and very close to Volcano Village. Regular system electric, no hook up fees for power.
Mark Bowman DR
(800) 446-6275 (Office Toll-Free), (808) 969-1850 (Office)
E-mail: broker@ilhawaii.net
Visit My Website:
Bowman Realty
(808) 969-1850 

A-Frame house plan found for lot"



Sent: Monday, July 12, 2004 3:10 AM
Subject: Pygoya: RHE offers etc., Answers to 3 emails

> I will write the offers for you if you want.
> Royal Hawaiian Estates is all paved roads.
> Location between Mile Markers 22 and 24.
> Only about 10% built (like MLE).  My sister
> has had me doing a search for RHE for several
> weeks now and my determination is that there
> is only one Side-by-side that's even worthy
> making an offer on.  That one is TMK:
> Plat 56 Parcels 99 and 100 for 10K apiece.
> These lots are very narrow: front 10,000sf is
> 70' x ~140', and back 20,000 is 80' x ~250'.
> Long and skinny.  Remember the nice size of MLE
> is 100x200.  You don't mention this one as
> one to bid on, but I feel it is the best ones.
> 99% of the lots in RHE have this front/back
> delineation, with fronts having 10000sf and backs
> 21,500sf.  Like Fern Forest this is considered
> by most Volcano-ites as less desirable, but the
> prices are still affordable.  Your choice.....
> I suspect the 3 listings you have sent me
> are like all the others I looked at: have junk
> cars nearby and/or junk houses nearby, and messy
> neighbors.
> Property lines cut means they have probably
> done some hand-clearing of the forest so they
> can walk the lines (where it is cut).  Really
> adds no value.
> Yes, and Ohia Estates and Volcano Golf Course
> prices are soaring, so why not RHE?  Has the
> same stigma that MLE had several years ago.
> Neighborhood has some nice homes but the Punaticks
> and ne'er-do-wells have made it look slummy where
> they are.  Most of the current listings are near
> or bordering these junky spots unfortunately.

July 12


Days on Market (DOM) is:
MLS#138355: DOM=21 (unlikely to budge on price)
MLS#128744: DOM=259 (may move on price)
MLS#136237: DOM=66 (unlikely to move on price)
MLS#114381 and 114376: DOM 699.  This long on market
indicates they probably won't budge on price, but
could try 18K for the two together?



  This page is miscellaneous information, some factual some fabled, about the Big Island. It is meant to inform and intrigue, to make you think of possibilities and to see the world through different eyes. Deepok Chopra said something to the effect that an experience is nothing more than the label you give it. That label is usually culled from our individual experiences, our history, the events of the past that have shaped our lives and our environment. Living in Hawaii, a land steeped with Aloha, can change forever your labels, those feelings and emotions that you link to events. Hawaii is an experience; you must immerse yourself in it to truly understand what it is. You have to be willing to leave your other world behind and live here, live aloha.  GEOLOGY & DEMOGRAPHY The Big Island is called that because it is larger than all the other islands combined. It's over 4,000 square miles in size and growing. We are riding an active volcano, actually we're on the Pacific plate and are riding over a hot spot that has created a volcano. It is currently located in the south east portion of the island and doesn't now threaten any population centers; however, that could change at any time since with the exception of Mauna Kea and the Kohalas, they're either active or inactive but not dormant.  Legend has it that Pele makes her home in the volcano. Herb Kane, a local artist and author of international stature wrote, "As long as the earth is alive with quakes and eruptions, Pele will live in Hawaiian hearts and minds as the personification of the natural phenomena of volcanic activity". Hawaii island is made up of five major volcanoes and countless minor vents that never really grew up. At the north end of the island is the Kohala Mountain range. Just to the south of that is Mauna Kea, "White Mountain" (13,796') known internationally for its observatories and locally for its skiing. Next comes Hualalai at just over 8,000 feet, a back drop to Kona that last erupted in 1801. Legend says that the flow from the mountain was nearing one of the villages and that Kamehameha the Great stopped the eruption by cutting a lock of hair and offering it to Pele as a gift while standing at the craters edge. The volcano has not erupted since. Further south is Mauna Loa (13,679'), "Long Mountain". Mauna Loa is still considered an active volcano last erupting in 1984. It is also the worlds most massive volcano covering over 1,000 square miles. Our most active volcano is Kilauea (much spewing) which has been erupting pretty much non-stop since 1983. Pele is still a resident of Hawaii island but has started a vacation home on the newest of the Hawaiian islands named Lo'ihi located about 26 miles south of this island. Lo'ihi is still 3,000' below the surface and not expected to appear in my lifetime; however, I'm told there is a golf course planned for her when she does break the surface.  Population; the 2001 census reports there are about 148,677 people on the island, most in Hilo, Puna is second, then Kona then South Kohala which is Waimea (also called Kamuela, named after Parker's son Samuel because there was already another Waimea on Oahu) and Waikoloa, then who knows. People are spread all over the island, there's really not a bad place to live here except very near the volcano and even then there are some people doing that.  Hilo is the seat of government for Hawaii county, for now. There is a movement to split the island into two counties which has a lot of backing because of the size and the different needs of the two sides.   Hilo's population is divided between North Hilo, 1,600 and South Hilo, 45,900. Can you guess where the government is? Next comes the Puna district on the south east side of the island with about 26,700 people. North Kona has about 24,900 and South Kona another 8,500.  Ethnicity wise, Hawaii island is a real mix. The 2001 census shows Caucasians now make up the biggest portion of the population at 31.5%, Mixed races at 28.4%, Asians at 26.7%, Native Hawaiians at 11.2%, Others at 1.1%, Blacks and American Indians at .09%.  [ Back to top ]    WEATHER Of the thirteen climate zones in the world, the Big Island has eleven of them so pick a spot. If you want wet and rainy try the Hilo side, warm and dry try Kona side. If you want a desert head south, rain forest go to Puna, and if you want to ski in the winter go to Mauna Kea.   If you're looking for ideal weather then come to Kona. The west side of the island gets less than 20" of rain per year, that's at sea level. If you move up the slopes of Hualalai you get into the clouds and if you go high enough you get rain everyday. That rain is the source of fresh water for the Kona coast. The almost daily rains percolate into deep lava tubes that drain into underground wells. Much of the fresh water can be seen running into the ocean along the shore line especially after heavy rains.  By moving up the mountain slopes you can pick the temperature you wish to live in. The higher you get the cooler the outside air. There are people living above the 2,000' level that actually have heat in their homes.  Back at sea level, a unique rain pattern emerges. It usually only rains at night. Most mornings are crystal clear with clouds forming in the afternoon. By sunset, which is almost always visible, the clouds begin to clear away and there are starry nights.  We are pretty much limited to two seasons, Summer and Winter. Summer runs from May to October and is warmer and wetter than Winter. From November to April the weather is cooler and drier. Average temperature in August is 81F and the average in January and February is 74F. Yearly average temperature is 77F. The coldest temperature was a frosty 58F and the all time high was 95F.  It doesn't get much better than this.  [ Back to top ]    EMPLOYMENT, JOBS, ETC. The Big Island, the west side in particular, has continued to grow despite the opposite trend on the other islands (with the exception of Maui). More and more people are discovering the beauty, the rural nature of the island, and the tranquil environment to be found here.  The two biggest employers on the island are the state and county governments followed by the Hilton Waikoloa Hotel. The service industry ranks number one and will probably remain number one for awhile to come. There are lots of other opportunities however.  One of the most promising fields is that of health. Hawaii island is becoming known as the "Health Island". Thanks in part to the new North Hawaii Community Hospital which opened in June of 1996, the Big Island is home to a variety of health practitioners ranging from traditional MD's to those who practice Hawaiian herbal healing and every discipline in between. Wellness practitioners from around the world are being attracted to the island and it's leading edge hospital as well as a reputation reaching back 150 years to the likes of Jack London and Isabella Bird who wrote about the island's healing effects both mentally and physically.  As the Big Island has grown we have seen the opening of many of the major retail stores. It began with Costco/Price Club in 1993 followed closely by K-Mart, Walmart and Safeway. Other national names like Borders Books, Ross' Dress for Less and now the Hard Rock Cafe and Starbucks are coming on the scene as well as Home Depot and Lowe's.   In the wake of this growth there is an increasing demand for niche services. Entrepreneurs are finding a wealth of opportunity which includes investment counseling, book keeping services, errand services, physical fitness trainers, computer services, cellular phone providers, specialty shops, local arts, all the healing arts and massage. There are as many opportunities as there are good ideas.  With the advent of telecommuting, your job may not even be physically here. I know more than one person who works that way; one sits on her lanai with a Power Book computer and a modem and recruits executives on the mainland for mainland firms. I know another that handles rental property almost 6 months out of the year while enjoying Kona sunsets. There are job opportunities even though you may have to create them yourself.  [ Back to top ]    EDUCATION Hawaii's schools have always gotten mixed reviews. My son attended both public and private schools here from 5th grade through his senior year in high school. In my experience, the education a child gets is directly proportional to the interest paid by the parent(s) to that education.  As of the fall of 1999 there were 27,557 students enrolled in all public schools on the island of Hawaii in K through 12. Private schools had another 1,950 students. The University of Hawaii Hilo had a 2000 enrollment of 2,874 students, issued 447 degrees and have a faculty of 410.  There are a variety of schools available both public and private. For complete information please go to <http://doe.k12.hi.us/>.

Total Number of islands: 137
Major islands - 8
Ni'ihau, Kaua'i, O'ahu, Moloka'i, Lana'i, Kaho'olawe, Maui & Hawaii
State Flower: Yellow Hibiscus
State Bird: Hawaiian goose (nene)
State Fish: Humuhumunukunukuapua'a
State Tree: Candlenut (kukui)
State song: Hawai'i Pono'i
Resident population (2000): 1,211,537
Hawaii County (2000): 148,677
Population: 50% male, 50% female
Median age (2000): 36.2 years
Ethnicity (2000):

Hawaiian/part Hawaiian22.1%Caucasian20.5%Japanese18.3%Filipino12.3%Chinese4.1%Life expectancy (1990):
Males, 75.9 years;
Females, 82.0 years.

JULY 12, 2004



MLS 138355 DOM= 21 days only-  OFFER 9K (ASKING LIST PRICE)-WAIPAHU OWNER (usually realtor will tell Seller to hold at price for 3 mo.)








July 13, 200


Dear Py,

RHE lots have no address other than "0"
on the road.  County will not assign an
address until house is built.  Best to use
the utility poles and the TMK maps to locate
properties.  Even then, until staked, you
probably won't know the exact location.  Come
by the office and I'll give you the maps and
a lesson on using the poles to find approximate
sites for the 3 lots.

Your MLE lot is on the western corner of the
12th and Jade intersection (across from where
Nahelenani joins Jade).  I'll try to speed up
the process and be available for lunch around
one to two pm.?  Perhaps meet you at Volcano Village

I'll have a package prepared for you with maps
and all MLS/Tax Data info so you won't get too

Looking forward mostly to showing you the
backyard again (up to 37 species of Bamboo now!)
and my new acrylics, AND I have a special gift
trip-tec for you: My Danser Series No. 1.
You will be the first (besides me) to have the
complete series!  I'll have it in a small box
so you can carry-on and TSA won't break the
glass panes (I hope).  Again, thanks so much
for being my artistic inspiration, and putting
the fire under me to to get it going.  It sure
feels good......



July 13, 2004

(Pygoya going to Hilo Jul 14 for property inspections, rental car, eat at Volcano Village eatery)

Dear Py,

RHE lots have no address other than "0"
on the road.  County will not assign an
address until house is built.  Best to use
the utility poles and the TMK maps to locate
properties.  Even then, until staked, you
probably won't know the exact location.  Come
by the office and I'll give you the maps and
a lesson on using the poles to find approximate
sites for the 3 lots.

Your MLE lot is on the western corner of the
12th and Jade intersection (across from where
Nahelenani joins Jade).  I'll try to speed up
the process and be available for lunch around
one to two pm.?  Perhaps meet you at Volcano Village

I'll have a package prepared for you with maps
and all MLS/Tax Data info so you won't get too

Looking forward mostly to showing you the
backyard again (up to 37 species of Bamboo now!)
and my new acrylics, AND I have a special gift
trip-tec for you: My Danser Series No. 1.
You will be the first (besides me) to have the
complete series!  I'll have it in a small box
so you can carry-on and TSA won't break the
glass panes (I hope).  Again, thanks so much
for being my artistic inspiration, and putting
the fire under me to to get it going.  It sure
feels good......