More Family Photos 2007
Pygoya & Family



In Kona for the Kona Marathon 2007. Note Pygoya's "Roswell" cap worn in Kona.



Bronson gets some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZs  after practicing driving up and down Kona residential hills



Eating at famous Big Island Grill in Kona



Uncle Clay & Bronson in Doe Fang



Bronson enjoys playing the piano. 165 lbs, 5' 11"



The Birds -Long Beach, by Erlinda



dinner at Pagoda



Nice hair! Strange Lights approach from the back!



Driving in New York City



Erlinda in Kona



Erlinda with classmate in Kona,  never seen since leaving Philippines



Dad completes his big 20th marathon at 61!



Dad and Houston at Maryknoll ceremony






With star Darrin Brooks, of TV's "Days of Our Lives,"  who likes the character Billy as a possible role for himself



People's Mart in Kona. Great how the light in on Bronson's face and Mom  gives a friendly smile.



Lunch on the beach at Kona



Rochelle, pro prospect in ballet, in New York City  as Finalist in 2007  YAGP competition





Rochelle the dancing star!



Maybe jus t a sip...



Blue on Blue



Rochelle with good friend Chelsie



The girls are whom the characters, "Chesea" and "Rachael" in the novel,
"Roswell Encounter Gallery" are based upon.  Both are ballerinas.



Dad and Rochelle at Pagoda in Honolulu



In sidewalk at entry of Aina Haina Valley, where UFO Sighting 2005 occurred (next photo)
The "Roswell Incident" (most famous UFO case in the world) occurred in 1947




UFO doodle 1-3:30 am-Nov. 2005  - W.K.,  Aina Haina Valley, Honolulu, Hawaii
Formally submitted in person by Pygoya to the International UFO Museum & Research Center, Roswell, New Mexico, July 2006





The Pygoya House today



Good living for 6 years during the 1990s; residence designed by Pygoya