R2001 invites the Las Vegas Art Museum to take part in a bold new
collaborative venture:- the first major International art exhibition to
be based on the technology of the Internet, and to use the WWW as its
curatorial stimulus.

We propose an exhibition of R2001 members' work from 20 different
countries, to be accompanied by WWW-enabled computer screens which will
demonstrate the networked process whereby this new group of artists has
recently come together.

The first art galleries around the world to mount R2001 exhibitions,
consisting partly of computer screens linked to R2001 members' Internet
sites from every corner of the globe, will be active participants in a
fundamental process of change that encompasses and unifies Art,
Science, Technology and Communications. It is R2001's belief that this
change will constitute a paradigm shift in socio-aesthetics, creating
the basis for positive and permanent change in the relationship between
artists and a new, democratised, global art audience.

At the links below it is possible to see the work, both traditional
and digital, of R2001 artists, and also to experience the global
breadth of our undertaking.

Our proposal is to take this Virtual art world and, for the first
time, to give it Actuality in a museum environment.


To Whom it Might Concern;

This is to inform that New York Arts
Magazine fully supports the art project
Reneissance2001. As an artist and
supporter of r2001 internet web ring, I would
like to
suggest our contribution which will be based
on possibility of future full art review and 1/2
size page advertisement, upon projected
exhibition at Las Vegas Art Museum. NY
Arts Magazine is a monthly art publication
and our distribution covers New York State
area mainly, however from June 10, 1998
our publication will have international
distribution, due to our participation in
Messe Basel Art
Fair in Switzerland. Our circulation reached
about 45,000 copies last moth. We future
reviews and art criticism on contemporary
art, which covers on a yearly basis 500
galleries, museums and art institutions.
I hope this unique proposal based on r2001
group activity will show its fullest potential.
Additional proposal for further extention of
above exhibit will be send to
Alternative Museum and New Museum in
New York City.

Thank you very much.
Plese, find included with this letter a hard
copy of March issue of NY Arts

Jolanta Gora
Publisher assistance and production manager

March 6, 1998-