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Subject: [r2001 00701] Re: re:LVAM art proposal wrote:
> Dear R2001 membership,
> The Las Vegas Art Museum remains interested in collaborating with R2001
> and the art proposal that was presented by me on our behalf.
> However the Curator has turned over the project to a working committee
> which means more delays as they review the proposal and all its details
> and implications of cost and institutional support requirements.
> Bureaucratic redtape and unfamiliarity of what we have as artists on the
> Internet is now the problem. The same problem that inhibits all other
> museums attempting to get online in a significant manner.
> Fortunately a member of our group will be visiting the Las Vegas area in
> May or June. She will personally meet with the officials and answer any
> questions they have about the proposal. She will also inspect the museum
> spaces and make suggestions to them and to us in regards to a nice
> gallery space to do my "Web Box" installation/performance/exhibition.
> Yola, I am sorry I have been unsuccessful in securing a "more definite
> date" for NY Arts Magazine and that you need to approach the New York
> Museums.
> I now also wait for our visiting member to meet and attempt to "set the
> date" for all of us, including myself, afar and apparently ineffective
> I remain confident that R2001 will exhibit at the museum.

I have initiated contact with a small museum of art in Hawaii, the Kauai
Art Museum. I am offering Web page services and will travel to this
outer island ( I reside in the main city of Honolulu of the island of
Oahu) and meet the staff soon. Maybe another R20001 fun event. For
example, only those members who want to bother - email me an image of
their imagination of a tropical "paradise" (not necessary Hawaii scenery
but would be appropriate). I'll print out or do a online exhibit
proposal for them but will merely verbally suggest it this time. For
this traditional small museum we would have to do something
naturalistic, not heavily technical, so it is not threatening or
overbearing for this convervative gallery space for traditional artists.
> Sincerely,
> Pygoya
> LightHome Hawaii





























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