Dear All.

This is the last time I log on before the Harrogate Tubal Cain R2001 (1st) event. Many thanks for everyone who contributed and supported. I am looking forward to meeting a lot of the r2001 Artists. Several National newspapers will attend (for this assume that they have SAID that they will attend - it is vaguely possible that an Art critic from a major newspaper will stay sober long enough to remember). Before dawn tomorrow myself, Samvado and Matt Ewart will set off to Tubal Cain to tackle the final chaos (N-Kaos?)and remain for a couple of days to get it off to a good start. I am so glad it is all happening so sucessfully - Tubal Cain and myself took great risks to make it work. Be warned however, I've totalled up my time taken in organising this and it comes to 253 hours...... + over 1800 emails read (or misread) and about the same sent.

I am also looking forward to the party, where I am sure I will misbehave and embarrasss the whole movement. (I can't wait.) Thank you all for your trust, patience and occasionally justified criticism (all right; abuse). Best Wishes. Gary P.S. It's Glasgow university R2001 event next - then Edinburgh - then back to Tubal Cain for the mega `Millenium' event.

Dear Yola, book yourself a padded cell.