March 19, 1998


After fax interchange and telephone conferencing between James Mann, Ph.D., Curator and Rodney Chang, Ph.D.-

New position and lst person to hold it:


Rodney Chang, Ph.D.
Director, Internet Programs
Las Vegas Art Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada


Artist-in-CyberResidence Sponsorship


Virtual Art Web Museum is Acquisition as Web art by LVAM Web site

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Subject: [Fwd: Museum's Verdict:Pygoya]
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Subject: Museum's Verdict:Pygoya
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Dear R2001 et al,

I just completed the intra fax communication followed by a
teleconference direct talk with the Curator of Las Vegas Art Museum.

Dr. James Mann, Curator, stated-

"From reading the material I gave you, you will understand that this
curator is HIGHLY discriminating and critical, in terms of what he
believes is the most important art of today. My viewpoint is the
diametrical opposite of Pluralism, and I am ruthless in dismissing all
art that doesn't measure up to the standards I have devised, defined,
and articulated. Most artists will be shocked at the absoluteness with
which I dismiss their work as not measuring up.
There is no sterner judge than me in the world today, and you can take
that to the bank. Still, I have the most open possible mind in terms of
the range in what I am willing to consider as belonging to the new

The main thing I will want to guard against is to be associated directly
with art I don't approve of, unless there are some terrifically
compelling other considerations. Which there may be. There is no
inclination on my part to forego a golden opportunity by being too
finicky. But there are limits I can't go beyond and still consider
myself an honest man."

After all this we continued to talk..


Congratulations! You have your first museum Director of "Internet
Programs" (he reserves final judgments on all proposed art projects to
insure consistency of his musuem's aesthetic stand and direction) as a
r2001 member! My name and title will be posted on the next museum's
newsletter and the title has been approved by its Board of Directors.

My site, "last" of the virtual museums of "Webmuseum
Cybercolony" will on it's Web site as a critically reviewed "work of
art" in itself with complete validation by the Museum, the so-called
project sponsor of -

The museum's first "Artist-in-Cyberresidence"! The tenure last 2 years
at which time I select the next artist. (And Web art is definitely not
limited to digital art).

Lastly, the curator has thrown his museum support their Internet
Director's proposed "Condensation:the e-Box" in collaboration with any
museum in New York or elsewhere. He welcomes the members of r2001 to
participate and create with the boxes, one for digital artists and one
for conventional art media artists. He said we need to write up a
formal proposal of this "installation coming from Cyberspace into real
museum space" (Gerald, can you help me on this?) to better explain it to
himself and the board and for his formal critical art review according
to his museum's manifesto of art at the turn of the century.

They would provide a documentation along with my resources for a
photographer to capture the interactivity of the real audience outside
the box of the artists creating for uploading to the Web. Folks, reread
yesterday's proposal of this BOX. If you don't have it, go to my
LightHome Hawaii and click on Box proposal down the homepage.

So, it's a beautiful day in my life, on this side of our planet and I
await response from r2001, New York or any other international museum.
The ball is now in all your courts.

Tired but elated,


Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 22:29:29 -1000
From: Ute Kersting <>
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To: pygoya <>
Subject: Congratulations!
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Dear L.B.
Congratulations, you have finally found the place of your dream and
for your persistent hard work the reward. The outside world recognized
your talent and, like I said before, avant garde work. Your enthusiasm
and endurance got you to this place in the digital world and not only
digital, museums art all together. I am happy you let me enjoy this
glorious feeling with you.Follow this pass and you can't go wrong. Does
anybody else in HCAS know about this event had taken place?
Your friend U.K.

Re: [Fwd: Museum's Verdict:Pygoya]
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 22:10:42 -0600

Rodney..!!!..Congratulations..!!!Awesome, and I know you have not just
been given this honor, as you have earned it, with your hard work, many
hours, and knowledge..!! I psyched..You bet..!..Want it to be
good, or the best for both of us, want to be worthy of the honor
bestowed upon me..forever grateful, my friend..I am trying to recover
from a weekes vacation and get caught up..I made two new pages..One
alrdy picked, and another with pics for consideration..Now the date and
time..Rodney..I'm easy, want to make it a weekend day or night before
the show, as compared to waiting mid week..?..Either is fine..Let's do
it..go for it..the old Hawaii?Sooner try..Date,time, and place is all I
need.. I need to get invitations out, and get with Ladyhawk..Was given a
date that I must test to become IBM Certified also, so have been hitting
the books big time..
Must close for tonight here..Really Happy for you, and ticked pink here

Subject: [r2001 00570] Re: Museum's Verdict:Pygoya

Hello All,
I have been gone for three weeks and just got back. I tried to check
email every once in a while but found over 60 messages on my server.
I spent an hour reading them and I am amazed at how much has been
First I want to congratulate Pygoya, well deserved!!
Then I would like to thank Aleksi, Gerald, Yola and everyone else that
has worked so hard to promote r2001. We have come a long way since I
first joined this group. I think we had 5 members then.
I am not very good at "computerese" but if I can help in any way please
let me know.


Party Time!!!!!!
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 18:09:15 -0800
LadyHawk <>
1 , 2 , 3 , 4

Mr. Eagle,

Congratulations! Great job! I am so very happy for you.

I am still stunned by all that has happened in the time we met. and
still trying to take it all in.....

so I have few words right now,,,,,