Featured Site of Zero1art.com, a Web art search engine, September 1998



When you start searching for Art on the NET you

end up finding small groups scattered here and

there. Once in a while you find a group that is trying

to bridge the gap, bringing artists from around the

world together, and that is exactly what

Renaissance 2001 is doing.

R2001 is a project to create the

world's biggest art festival on the

Internet for the year 2001.

The artists involved in R2001 are

working to create a new kind of Art

Community. Where cultural and geographical

distance are dissolved and rendered meaningless. I

guess we could call it Global Art, their aim is to

rebuild the kind of direct connection between the

artist and the audience that existed in the earliest

tribal communities. Using leading-edge

technologies to achieve their goal. "Our aim is not

to present a single point of view. The future will

not be like that. It will be like the Internet, full of

unexpected variations."

In the true form of Web-Artists R2001 is looking at the fundamental

structures of communication. "Unlike other modernist/futuristic

movements, we are not about technology or aesthetic change,

but about a new set of possibilities for artistic communication."

As I surf within this network of sites it becomes apparent that R2001

comes in many different flavours, with an artistic, cultural and ethnic

diversity. I just wish I had more hours in a day to explore this whole

network. From my personal stand point as an artist. R2001 is right on

target, totally inline with my thoughts of Art Today.

This is definitely one for the bookmarks, you'll want to return to the

light homes and see art evolve right in front of your face. This has never

happened before in history. Go visit R2001 I think you will find that it is

a valuable source of modern art happening today.