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Name: Pygoya
Subject: BRAVO! to Gerald O'Connell
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Dear Gerald,

Your thoughtful and scholarly statement on Art, the Internet
and R2001 is magnificant! It serves it members well by fostering
a group understanding and consensus about just what is happening to art, artists like themselves
and the Art Establishment with the onset of the democratic accessibility of world
audiences for ALL artists.

I DID feel a special sense of satisfaction for providing a "leading edge" virtual
space for artists who at this point have not succeeded (or desire) to build their
own vrml exhibit galleries. Power (in the ability to do) was distributed for the good of all
members, not hoarded (by the owner of the purchased software) to keep a tech lead over other
"competitors" on the Web. I am motivated to help further in assisting R2001 reach heights of success that we as yet cannot envision. As the Internet grows so shall we artists seize the opportnities to express and materialize new culture - inspired from the Web and downloaded to the rest of humanity.

You touched upon R2001's potential consequences on the social, historical, political, cultural and
aesthetics dynamics of the under siege "art world". I personally will "cut and paste" your statement for inclusion at my LightHome site as an extension of the general mission statement for R2001.

I hope members will translate it into other languages so that the whole world can become aware
of the historic shifts of art power paradigms in process on the Web at this very moment.

LightHome Hawaii

Added on Date: 11:38:06 2/26/98