To those who wish to organise an event in their own country/State etc.

As R2001 grows in strength and credibility organising exhibitions will
become easier. The
group will begin to become more organised and disciplined as members see
that both of these
things are required.

I see Binary Code & Harrogate as a small start to something that will
become huge if we
continue to put as much energy and initiative into it.

Organising an event in your country need not be daunting - it does take
time and effort, but it
is rewarding.

Here is a little of what I have learned so far.................

Choose a gallery.........

Use R2001 members to supply you with sufficient material to impress the
gallery you have
chosen. This includes Artwork, and written material from previous
exhibitions (catalogues,
gallery contracts, newspaper reviews etc.).

You need to decide whether you are going to choose a high profile
gallery that will wish to
take a great deal of control from you and will probably be booked up for
around a year in
advance, or a less esteemed galley that will be able to put on an
exhibition sooner and will be
more co-operative.

If you are receiving money it may be worth setting up a bank account
solely for that money -
you could negotiate free banking for a few months.

The two best ways (in the UK) of receiving money are, bankers draughts
or money sent by
registered post. In the UK it is extremely slow and expensive to change
cheques in anything
other than your own currency. Some countries have a closed currency e.g.
New Zealand - and
cash bought there and sent by post works best. Again you could negotiate
with a bank if you
can find one to support the cause, to avoid these expenses.

You will incur large phone/post bills and see an enormous drain on your
time - I think it is
only fair to recoup some of this through the Artists, I didn't for
Harrogate and found myself
spending a lot on behalf of R2001 both in time and money - I would
support anyone asking
for at least some of there expenses to be met by the Artists involved in
whatever you are

Give clear simple instructions as to what you require over the net. Make
it clear that
deviations will not be acceptable.

Make deadlines at least a week ahead of actual requirements - there will
always be difficulties
arising from misinterpreted instructions.

You need an assistant to look through your e mail - you will have so
many to process that you
will miss a lot of important material. This person will become fully
aware of what is going on
and will be able to take over if you are ill/on holiday etc.

Be prepared to spend at least 10 hours per week either looking at email
or on the phone.

Be prepared to sift through up to 60 e mails per day - more at weekends
(and none at all when
you need them most!).

Use the R2001 artists whenever there is a job that you can delegate.
e.g. a web site, on-line
promotion of the event, information on currency, tax, imports etc.

It is important to stay polite - even when your patience is tested by
misunderstandings and occasionally abuse - remember that we are on a

You will be blamed for the slightest problem - even though you are not
responsible - but you
will also get a huge amount of support from those who have an idea of
what you are going

Aleksi, Seiji, and Gerald are always ready to help and get things done
for you (and of course
I will help in any way that I can).

There are two ways of working with Galleries, the first is to dictate to
them exactly what you
want; this is simple. The second is to allow the gallery to get involved
- this means that they
will use their experience and initiative and much more will happen -
though you will lose
some control.

Occasionally a good idea will come from someone which may change the
course of events - it
is up to you to make a decision if there is too little time to use the
mailing list - so far most of
the members have been very flexible and have followed instructions well
and then followed
them well again when they have changed - and changed again.

This is just a few brief case anyone is thinking about
doing something like this
I will put together a better presentation when I get the time (Sometime
after the `Tubal Cain'

I would look forward to comments regarding the above, and maybe those
already involved in
organising events or with experience would assist with a protocol that
would be of real help to
future event organisers.

Meanwhile, my sincere thanks to all of you who have been so patient and
responded so
supportively during the build up to Tubal Cain.

Best Wishes.