><bryan@thinkpiece.com> writes
>>LadyHawk, Dr Chang, Gerald, Seiji and other R2001 Members:
>>Please count me in as among those in support of this outstanding
>>opportunity provided by the generosity of Dr Chang to represent R2001 to
>>the museum in Las Vegas.
>>I urge all other members to likewise step forward and make a similar,
>>public statement in support of Dr Chang's proposal.
>>I shall be eagerly awaiting further instructions in how I may not only
>>participate but contribute to this cause.
>I add my name to Bryan's sentiments.
>Gerald O'Connell

And I add mine.

Aleksi Aaltonen

Subject: [r2001 00373] Re: Las Vegas Review

Gerald O'Connell wrote:
> We are sorry that so much is happening so quickly that all the long
> messages in English may be difficult for some members.
> So: short and simple:
> - at this time, no need to do anything except say if you will support an
> R2001 exhibition in Las Vegas Art Museum, contributing your work and
> ideas. You have done that Adolf, so 'thankyou' !
> - many members have said 'yes', so 'thankyou' to them also...

Have been terribly busy this week offline, so when I returned, the
amount of activity by R2001 was inspiring to see! Just catching up now,
but would like to add my resounding "YES!" to supporting an exhibition.

Denise Ruzich

Lighthome Vision Quest Studio, New York, USA

Subject: [r2001 00372] Re: R2001 Pre-Exhibitions

In message <3501D5C9.3027@netsource.co.nz>, Paul Hutchinson &/or Dale
Copeland <puniho@netsource.co.nz> writes
>Hi everyone
>There's enthusiasm and some great ideas buzzing around for the R2001
>"pre-exhibitions" The only suggestion that worries me a bit is
>> Also, to further pull the diversity of styles and art media together
>> only works that use r2001 general mission statement as the subject
>> matter for the work should be included for this specific museum/r2001
>> installation.
>There is, I believe, the risk that art becomes illustration. The
>thought that only images of, say, "multi-coloured children holding hands
>around the Earth while a new sun rises" would be acceptable really
>bothers me. It becomes like the in-house style of those "Watchtower"
>magazines - laudable intentions but deplorable art.
>Surely the R2001 ideals are well served by artists having the freedom
>and integrity to pursue their vision. Maintaining our differences is
>part of that integrity.

Absolutely right Dale !

At all times we must insist that R2001 artists have complete artistic
freedom in their work. Personally, I will ALWAYS fight hard for that.
Also, our 'diversity' is our biggest strength !

I think it is enough that all all R2001 members agree with the ideas
behind the statement on the LightHome pages. We all do this by
publishing it as a condition of membership.

In a public exhibition we can make that statement clear to all visitors
without putting it into our artwork !

All of the work I have seen by R2001 members gives, in its own way, a
very positive message about the strength and diversity of the human
spirit - I am sure that this message will come across, from the work
itself, whenever and wherever such work is exhibited.

Gerald O'Connell


Yes, I agree completely! Unlike other art movements existing, R2001 is
fully diverse. We are not making a movement in the art market, we are
making movement in the relation of art and the world.

Seiji Ueoka


And I want to add my complete agreement to this too. Diversity and independence are extremely important when creating art work. And never must, and never will, this project be restricting those rights. Hopefully exactly the opposite. So, personally I will be fighting too for complete artistic freedom and flourishing diversity. We may be doing things together but that doesn't mean we must be alike.

Aleksi Aaltonen

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Subject: [r2001 00377] Vegas and other things...



I can't fully descripe how happy I am to see the escitement and enthusiasm Rodney's visit to Las Vegas Art Museum has created among R2001. With this format we will be creating something great. And as Rodney said himself, if not in Vegas, then somewhere else. With this amount of talented people and will to work hard, we will make big things to happen. Soon. I want to thank everyone and wish Rodney the best possible luck on Earth. And a happy trip to Vegas for him and his wife. And happy birthday to her! The whole R2001 supports you 100%.

Aleksi Aaltonen

Seiji Ueoka wrote:
> >>Surely the R2001 ideals are well served by artists having the freedom
> >>and integrity to pursue their vision. Maintaining our differences is
> >>part of that integrity.
> >>Dale
> >
> >In a public exhibition we can make that statement clear to all visitors
> >without putting it into our artwork !
> >
> >All of the work I have seen by R2001 members gives, in its own way, a
> >very positive message about the strength and diversity of the human
> >spirit - I am sure that this message will come across, from the work
> >itself, whenever and wherever such work is exhibited.
> >
> >Gerald O'Connell
> Yes, I agree completely! Unlike other art movements existing, R2001 is
> fully diverse. We are not making a movement in the art market, we are
> making movement in the relation of art and the world.
> Seiji Ueoka

I can't begin to voice the sheer excitement this brings: art free to
make an impact in the world, not shackled by fabricated market
constraints, and actually out there interacting, being a part of the
world and its evolution! And, to top it all off, a celebration of the

Denise Ruzich

X-ML-Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 04:05:24 +0900
X-Originator: gary.bonn@virgin.net
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Subject: [r2001 00388] Re: R2001 Pre-Exhibitions

Dear Paul and Dale.
In reply, there is a balance - such as I have requested for Harrogate,
namely that one work should be directly related to the Renaissance and
others need not. Please don't think that the Mission statement means
`watchtower Art' - for Harrogate I am working on a tryptich; the first
picture of German stormtroopers in 1944 (the past)
the second, a 9 year old Angolan girl carrying an AK47 (the present)
and the third will be along the same lines (the future). I feel that
existentialism is ideal - but too strong in an exhibition if not watered
down with a few `nice' commercial paintings.

Projecting the future as being no different to the unpleasant present
and past will (I hope) give two messages, 1)The future is going to be
just as bad as the rest of Human history, and 2)Nothing changes - unless
we actively set about changing it.

By this means I wish to shock people into seeing reality - not blinding
them with a comfortable illusion that in the future we will be all
holding hands happily - and that science and technology will help us

Best wishes.

Gary Bonn

Subject: [r2001 00390] Re: R2001 Pre-Exhibitions

Seiji Ueoka wrote:
> >I think your ideas here are very interesting, but I think the most
> >important one is this:
> >>We have already
> >>created a place where people can see art without judging or valuing.
> >>They are just there to see.
> >I feel that it is closely linked to what I have said about the way that
> >the Internet creates a direct link between the artist and the audience.
> >It does this in a democratic way where the audience decides what it
> >likes without other organisations (galleries, dealers. museums. art
> >professors, critics) coming between to make the decision.
> Right, in this democratic way, the ture power of art will rise to world.
> >Also, I think the members who have replied about Las Vegas are making
> >the same point in their own way: their feeling seems to be that the
> >R2001 website itself is the best possible presentation (hey ! we must
> >be doing a good job...), and that all we need as an exhibition proposal
> >is three things:
> >
> >1. the members art work
> >2. screens showing R2001 and the member sites
> >3. some words to explain
> >
> >
> >Gerald O'Connell
> Seiji Ueoka

Dear Seiji, Gerald and Aleksi,

I am inspired by the outpouring of enthusiasm and support by membership
and will try my best to gain the interest of a museum to participate at
a different level our plans for a world art event in 2001.

We do not have to expect as "yes or no" immediately but invite the
museum to observe our progress in preparation for 2001. We are still
formulating the exact nature of this event which may include a satellite
of museums sites as well as our online exhibitions.

I hope much if not all of this series of communication among the
membership in regards to the "LV Museum Proposal" is documented in our
new Archives section.

My wife said I need to take a break from the computer. I look forward to
leaving cyberspace for a week and return to earthly realities! Thanks
for all your support and I am ready to become your messenger to LV and
hopefully a art college class in the vicinity.

Hey, everybody, start signing up for the UK show with Bonn!



From: GWita <GWita@aol.com>
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Date: Sat, 7 Mar 1998 16:36:22 EST
To: pygoya@pixi.com
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Hello Pygoya;
Sorry for taking my time, but the decision wasn't set up yet.
However I created a formal letter to Las Vegas Art Museum, anyway. As far as
know it should not be any problem. Abraham Lubelski our publisher is more
likely 75% ready to support our project.
Please edit below text (I'm sorry;I'm at work at the moment), and post it for
others maybe they will have something to attach to the list of
I'll send you my art bio and resume in reference of my credits, just in case ;
next e-mail.I hope you'll receive the hard copy of NY Arts in mail by Monday.

NY Arts Magazine
473 Broadway, 7th Floor, New York City, NY 10013 Tel. (212) 274-8993 Fax.
(212) 226-3400

Las Vegas Art Museum
9600 W. Sahara Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada

To Whom it Might Concern;

This is to inform that New York Arts Magazine fully supports the art project
As an artists and supporter of r2001 internet web ring, I would like to
suggest our contribution which will be base on possibility of future full art
review and 1/2 size page advertisement, upon projected exhibition at Las
Vegas Art Museum.
NY Arts Magazine is a monthly art publication and our distribution covers New
York State area mainly, however from June 10, 1998 our publication will reach
international distribution, due to our participation in Messe Basel Art Fair
in Switzerland.
Our circulation reached about 45,000 copies last moth. We future reviews and
art criticism on contemporary art, which covers on a yearly basis 500
galleries, museums and art institutions.
I hope this unique proposal based on r2001 group activity will reach its
fullest potential.
Additional proposal for further extention of above exhibit will be send to
Alternative Museum and New Museum in New York City.
Thank you very much.
Plese, find included with this letter a hard copy of March issue of NY Arts

Jolanta Gora
Publisher assistance and production manager

Mr Bonn wrote:

> I am in full support of the Las Vegas project. But be warned
> So far, for the R2001 event in Harrogate England, out of the many who
> pledged support only two people have actually come forward stating that
> they are sending the necessary cash to pay fro the space that they
> initially asked for - it worries me that if Harrogate is unsupported
> then not only will Las Vegas suffer the same but `R2001' will lose
> international credibillity. I will keep all members up to date on this,
> but please come forward with your letters and money.
> Gary Bonn, Lighthome Ecosse'

Subject: [r2001 00394] Re: Las Vegas Review

Dear R2001 Members,

I support the R2001 exhibition in the Las Vegas Art Musuem.

Thank you Pygoya for setting up this opportunity! I would also like to
thank everyone for their quick actions, work and ideas!

Let me know if there is something I can do to help.



"Aleksi Aaltonen" <aleksi.aaltonen@pp.inet.fi>
"Gerald O'Connell" <goc@gacoc.demon.co.uk>
"Seiji Ueoka" <fig37@cap.bekkoame.or.jp>, "pygoya" <pygoya@pixi.com>

>In message <000001bd4a91$469dc520$2b008ec2@default>, Aleksi Aaltonen
><aleksi.aaltonen@pp.inet.fi> writes
>>Gerald, respond IMMEDIATELY:
>>Rodney asked me to add a midi file (that he sent me) and the text from Yola to
>>the Vegas intro page. I made a modified version to http://r2001.com/lvpres2.html
>>If it's ok with you, let's make that the official intro page. If not, please
>>change the design whatever way you want but keep the midi file and Yola's
>>important statement.
>>If you don't respond by Sunday evening I have to change the page.
>changes incorporated in my original lvpres.html file
>please note: the I have edited the additional section on NYArts as Yola
>asked me to do in an email yesterday
>Gerald O'Connell

Thank You!!! A big sigh of relief..........


Sun, 08 Mar 1998 11:47:29 +0000
Sharif Ezzat <sezzat@blue.weeg.uiowa.edu>
Good Food Productions

wow! i just returned from traveling to find an amazing volume of
activity on this list. i hope it's not too late to voice my support for
the las vegas proposal. i like the idea of using the medium to include
the viewer, even something as simple as setting up a live online video
feed from the museum as part of the world lighthome. let me know what i
can do to assist.

-sharif ezzat
good food lighthome