More Flashes from the Past


True Love



Home from baseball end of season ceremonies; Rochelle gets to carry Dad's
big tooth as reward for taking out her lower front tooth without crying.



Bronson's 12 th birthday party



2 girls at left now ballerinas, 2 boys to left going to UH, 3rd from right plays football in college on mainland,
2nd from right goes to U. Santa Clara, boy on rt. now college track star - 2008



Bronson tries farming at Domingo's in Hilo on the Big Island



Houston tries out for the NFL; almost got on the practice squad



Bronson climbs to get the football - "Hey, get off the TV!, don't give me that look!"



"You haven't figured out the camera yet?  How long is this going to take?"



"Take that!" - ah the good ol' days at Koko Isle on the marina.



Grandpa and Grandma were so proud of Bronson's baseball skills;
Ace pitcher, good hitter, all-star youth team, UH fan. UH Youth Baseball Camp.



Houston's birthday party- gang watches a movie in the home theater.



Our pet mice - the white one is Joey - read story



Mom and Bronson- 5 yrs. old in kindergarden at Holy Nativity School; Halloween, 1990



Da boys with Grandma; Bronson displaying his gecko tongue



Sandy has a big laugh as her son sucks on a rubber glove.



Parker, 2008, Happy New Year



His parents



No Cavities!



That's how I brush



To make 'um look that good!



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