Erlinda's 50th birthday celebration
in Las Vegas - 3-31-08


We had a great time without the kids in Las Vegas where Erlinda
wanted to be when turning 5-0.  Sorry, but no Mega-Buck luck
to pay off the mortgage.  Maybe next time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She did for the first time join other gamblers at blackjack tables.
Stayed at the Stratosphere.  Enjoyed the many meals - buffet,
Chinese, Top of the World no. 1 rated restaurant of Vegas, Lucky,
and Roxy's 60s music and decor.  Also breakfast at Mandalay
Bay. Erlinda shopped at shopping center, 1. 5 miles walk from the
Stratosphere.  Dinner at Grace's with "Happy Birthday Auntie!"
complete with cake and ice cream.  Enjoyed "Superstars" show and
later meeting the performers. Also Sat. nite till 3 a.m. gambling down-
town with her sisters Nancy and Grace. Nancy hit a $900 jackpot!
Mid-morn snack (saimin & oxtail soup) at California Hotel. Also played 
at Luxor, Sahara, Fremont, Mandalay Bay amd California Hotel. Portrait 
by cartoonist of Erlinda and Rodney.  Enjoyed great talent at Strato-
sphere's lounge - Monday night rhythm and blues. Poster of Las Vegas 
Museum reminded Rodney of his solo show there in 1990.  Was nice, 60-70Fs.