[r2001 01329] Re: still waiting for news
Sun, 13 Sep 1998 20:19:25 -0500

I just got in from NYC and the show. It was marvelous!!
You would all be so very pleased. Yola, Seiji, Toko, Gerald, Katherine
and Aleksi ( And probably several other behind the scenes people too.)
did a great job hanging the show and preparing the galleries. Fine
work, appreciated by all - and there was quite a nice constant flow of
visitors throughout the evening.

One last note (for now - my eyes are about to cross from the long drive
home!) - For me, the very best experience of all was meeting some of the
other artists from R2001. What a wonderful group of artists have drawn
together! It was a very fine pleasure to meet at last and now I so look
forward to the opportunity of meeting more of you in the future.