[r2001 01018] NYC [URGENT!!!]
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 09:34:19 EDT

Dear Memebrs,

We are please to announce a confirmation for international group exhibition
>'The Country Without Borders', in New York City, US this coming September...

In order to be a participant in this show all the artists will be ask to fill
out the information form and to submit a set of slides or image file of the
exhibiting work, for us (curator, director of the gallery, Aleksi, Gerald and
Seiji) to view them, select and to organize strong expo for r2001 artists in

Please, find below a brief information in reference of this expo;

' The Country Without Borders' International Group Exhibition
curated by Jolanta Gora-Wita

Exhibition set up: Sep.6th - Sept.7, 1998

Event: Official Exhibition Opening
Date: Tuesday September 8th

Location: Abraham Lubelski Gallery
473 Broadway,7th fl (in SoHo)
NYC, NY 10013
Gallery hours from 11AM - 6PM, Tuesday thru Saturday

and also at

450 Broadway Gallery
450 Broadway, 4th fl (Soho)
NYC, NY 10013
tel/fax; 1-212-941-5952
gallery hours 1PM - 6PM, Tuesday thru Saturday

Co-sponsors: NY Arts Magazine; 1/2 page size ad + review, and personal

Number of participants/artists expected:
Selected 30-35 artists from 24 different countries

Supporters: Duggal Photos/ opening documentation

Event Gallery Opening for Press and General Public:
Date: Saturday, September 12th 6-8 pm
Location: Abraham Lubelski Gallery, 473 Broadway (in SoHo)

Supporters: Dean anallery agreements:

* 'The Country Without Borders' international group exhibiton is two weeks

* The show will be free of charge. The artists and curator will be responsible
for any and all costs relating to promotion, transportation, shipping,
advertising and opening event.

* The gallery Abraham Lubelski and 450 Broadway will provide the space and
managerial staff.

* All work sold through gallery, the gallery will receive a 40% commission.


Jolanta Gora-Wita
Curator, artist and production manager for Ny Arts Magazine

P.S. More details and statement will be available as soon as we receive
description/proposals from the exhibiting artists.


Dear artists,

In order to participate in upcoming NYC exhibition in September, 1998; each
artist should fill out the below form (email to our ML, BY THIS COMING
THURSDAY 6/25/98 ) for us (curator, director of the gallery, Aleksi, Gerald
Seiji) to have an overview of how to organize and accommodate our works in
both galleries (I did learn this from Gary).
We will have about 150m of wall space in both places, thus this limitation we
will have to consider to exhibit the best works to present our group...and to
limit the size, and amount of submitting artwork. But this alternatives will
be possible for me to know, only when I'll have a clear idea who would like to
be a part of this international group exhibition.
Thank you very much,


'The Country Without Borders' International Group Exhibition

*Your/group name:

*Your LightHome name:


*/For group participants/
How many artists are in your group?
Who is going to represent your group?

* How many works are you planning to exhibit?

* Exact size of each artwork?

* Did you submit your slides already?

* Medium, please check options;
digital prints-
multimedia installation-
performance/what kind?/-
r2001 online presentation-

* Do you plan to travel to New York City?

* Do you have accommodation?

* What do you expect from this expo?

* Do you have initial questions?

All the artists are responsible for shipping, framing and stretching of the
All selected/submitted works should arrive to the gallery one week priorior
exhibit in condition to be ready to show.
Please, do not send any original artwork without further confirmation.