Prepared for the special virtual millennium show at 1999-2000

It is a great honor for me to be asked by Dr.Rodney Chang known as Pygoya, a great leader in the new cyberart
world, to celebrate the millennium in his "Truly Web Art Museum" with works generated on the computer.

I have tried to visualize the free flowing rhythm of time in space we are engaged in as cyberartists. Using every angle and technical advantage over the traditional methods was my aim.The flow and movements of our so exciting time as members of that passionate group of cyberartists. (Most will never ever receive any financial benefits for sharing their art on the Internet). 

I am convinced that the electronic media will find more and more artists enjoying the freedom to explore all the possibilities the technical evolution of art has to offer.

Old traditional painting techniques might also be revived by the open communication on the Internet. The programmers have not missed creating such tools to imitate the brushstrokes of some famous masters and some art students might understand how highly technical their brush strokes were to achieve these effects.  They were highly criticized at their time.

I would like to name mainly two artists Picasso and Matisse I admired for their abilities to renew themselves in their works and were most resourceful to move on to new ventures regardless were the other modern movements were leading to.

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