Biography of artist Ansgard Thomson


Short History of my digital experiences

As a traditional painter in traditional media I started using the computer to generate art on the computer since 1993.  Attracted by the new media and the many programs one could find on the Internet to explore the differences as well as the similarities to the natural way of making art   My choices of programs were related to my aim to produce 2D works .

In Sept 1997 I added a Digital Camera "Mavica" from Sony to my tools. This has given me a great opportunity to
get photographs faster into the computer.  I also was able to take photos from 3"x5"printings of my paintings.

On April 15th,1998 I was inducted into Cyberculture Art Museum the Truly Virtual Web Art Museum by
Dr.Rodney Chang,Ph.D. and curator at   Dr.Chang started a "Global History of Cyberart" in my honor.

1998: R2001 Virtual Slide Show in New York, also accepted as member of R2001 Webring and included in the
permanent display in the members Gallery

November 1998: I have added a Wacom Intuos pen to my tools, so my collection of my traditional works on canvas
or paper will only be shown on demand or to make a point of comparison.

1999: As a senior artist I am proud to represent Canada for the U.N. designated International Year of Older
with my painting "65 Winters Old" in the 1999"ARTS IN AGING CALENDAR" at the Huffington
Center of Aging for the month of January at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, USA.   Copies may be seen and ordered at

1999:  Won NASA Conservatory Earth Day Contest with computer generated work "Cloning of Life."

1999: Great Wyrley High School Millennium Art Exhibition Nov .18th,19th,20th with the computer generated work "Play"print and floppy.

1999: October 20th,21,22  participated in "ART FOCUS  Magazine's  8th FALL SHOW"at BCE Center in
Toronto /Canada and won the Artist's Award "BEST IN ELECTRONIC MEDIA."

1999: October 23,24 participated in R2001 members' show at Keio University in Japan.

1999: December 10-18 invited artist in the India lst International Digital Art Exhibition as representative of Canada


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