Las Vegas Art Museum

By Sharon King

There has been a great deal of curiosity expressed by Museum members and visitors about this man with a strong southern accent, slow moving ways, and artistic ties, the man who is guiding LVAM's quest to become the protagonist of the new art movement, Art After Post-Modernism. Where did he come from and what are his qualifications?

James Mann is a native of South Carolina. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from The Citadel and a Ph.D. in English from the University of South Carolina. Mann attributes the most important foundation of his intellectual formation to two great mentors, who were his teachers and valued friends. He was influenced by the philosophy and literary/art cirticism of Morse Peckham (1915-1993), author of Man's Rage for Chaos and a dozen other books, on the interdisciplinary relationship of all the fine arts, and he credits poet/novelist James Dickey (1923-1997), best known as the author of Deliverance, as having the greatest impact on his own creative aspirations and efforts as a literary artist.

Dr. Mann has taught English and American literature at universities in the U.S., France, Argentina, and in Brazil on a Fulbright Grant. He speaks French, Spanish, and Portuguese (as well as Southern English). He is a nationally recognized and published poet and art critic whose reviews have appeared in New Art Examiner of Chicago and American Arts Quarterly of New York. His poetry appears in such anthologies as Intro 7 and Poems from the Green Horseshoe, and his translations of poetry have appeared in Review (New York) and New Directions 54. Mann's forthcoming book Art After Post-Modernism is in the final stages of revision.

James Mann curates visual-art exhibitions in accordance with his formulation of this (after Post-Modern) esthetic, and believes that its logic can propel the LasVegas Art Museum and Las Vegas itself to the forefront of the international art world by the year 2000. The VLAM Board of Directors is honored and grateful to have as Curator a gentleman and gentle man of such distinction.


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