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Thursday, September 20, 2001/6:00-8:00 PM



Art Beat January-February, 1998 . VOL. 44 . NO. 1

Jan. 15-Jan. 31- Las Vegas Art Auction exhibiton of Art on the American West, plus wildlife and landscape art including works by Charles M. Russell, Albert Bierstadt. Opening reception at LVAM, Thurs., Jan. 15, 6-9 PM.

Jan. 31- Nationally publicized auction of all works in above exhibiton at LVAM, Sat., Jan. 31, 5:30 PM to past midnight. Purchase of $25 full-color catalogue of all 300 works offered for auction will admit two persons to auction itself. Auction information from organizer Tom Matthews, 878-1144. Volunteers needed to work this event.

Feb. 3-March 1- Dual exhibitions: Sturman Colelction of African Art and Portrait Sculpture of African-American Athletes by Daniel Edwards, coinciding with national Black History Month. Opening reception Wed., Feb. 4, 7-9 PM.

March 3-April 19 -Lifetime Retrospective Exhibiton of Paintings by Bob Guccione. Opening reception Fri., Mar. 6, 7-9 PM. Exhibition accompanied by deluxe color catalogue with esssay by LVAM Curator, Dr. James Mann.

April 21-May 24- Five separate, connected, visual-art exhibitions on general theme of World War II Holocaust, overlapping with national Holocaust Education Month. Continuous programs of events for duration of exhibitions. Opening reception, Wed., Apr. 22, 7-9 PM.


Art Beat November-December, 1997 . VOL. 43 . NO. 9

Through November 30 - Paradise Lust, paintings by Suz Brna (Las Vegas), Zara Kriegstein (Santa Fe); Palm Springs Painters, Paintings by Cynthia Cole, Zinda Hogue; Fall Art Roundup, annual juried competition

November 6 - Opening reception, 6-8 PM: Essie Pinsker, Sculptor: Lifetime Retrospective Exhibiton, with LVAM's major published catalogue: through January 10

November 8- Slide lecture by New York sculptor Essie Pinsker; 2:30 PM

November 17- 1-3 PM; Coffee and Regoranization Meeting for all LVAM volunteers; light refreshments

December 3- Opening recetpion, 7-9 PM: Las Vegas Collects, eclectic exhibition of works owned by resident Las Vegas collectors, including works by Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso, Siqueiros, Tamayo, Dali, Larry Rivers, Andre Masson, Bob Thompson, Frank Stella, etal.; through January 10

December 17-Holiday Singles Mixer, 7-9 PM

January 14- Opening reception, 7-9 PM: Western, Wildlife & California Art, exhibiton of contemporary artists, deceased masters, plus unique collection of Indian artifacts; show of over 300 pieces to be auctioned at LVAM Jan. 30-31.

January 30 & 31- First annual Las Vegas Art Auction, held at LVAM; auction of above exhibition. Over 130 paintings and bronzes have been especially commisssioned for this auction; Auction Director, Tom Matthews; full color catalogue, $25


Art Beat September - October, 1997 . VOL. 43 . NO. 8


September 1- Studio classes begin

September 11- Chamber of Commerce Mixer, Expected attendance is 400

September 21 - LVAM hosting 1997 Invitational of Hispanic Museum of Las Vegas.

Through October 8 - Art After Modernism II

October 9- Triple opening night reception for three exhibitons: Fall Art Roundup, competiton juried by Domenic Cretara; Paradise Lust, paintings by Zara Kriegstein (Santa Fe) and Suz Brna (Las Vegas); Palm Springs Painters: Zinda Hogue, Cindy cole, Robert Fischer, et al.

October 26 - Art Educators of Nevada Breakfast

November 6 - Essie Pinsker Retrospective, New York sculptor, opening exhibiton with LVAM's first major published catalog


Art Beat July - August, 1997 . VOL. 43 . NO. 7

July 13- Lecture by painter Domenic Cretara, 3 PM

July 25- August 4 - Survivors In Search of a Voice sponsored by Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and Woodlawn Art Foundation

July 29- Natinal Governors Conference

August 14 - Proposed Histpanic Touring Exhibition

September 11- Chamber of Commerce Mixer Expected attendance is 400

September 26- November 30 - Exhibition of New York artist Bob Guccione