President's Mesasage

by Joseph Palermo, LVAM Board President

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     American Arts Quarterly of New York has asked permission to republish Dr. Mann's essay, entitled "Domenic Cretara and the Rebirth of Beauty," in its next issue.  As the essay contains a succinct presentation of the LVAM Curator's critical theory on the current situation in contemporary art, which he calls art after Post-Modernism, the essay's reappearance in the New York quarterly, published by the Newington-Cropsey Foundation of Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, will bring these challenging ideas a wider dissemination, and will naturally help spread the widening reputation of the Las Vegas Art Museum.

     By the way, in an article called "Beauty and the Beast," in the Winter 1998 issue of the same American Arts Quarterly, the poet, professor, critic and philosopher Frederick Turner referred to James Mann as a "brilliant curator."  Founders Professor of Arts and Humanities at the University of Texas at Dallas, Frederick Turner is considered by some to be the leading literary figure of his English-speaking generation.  He and LVAM's curator both belong to the new vanguard of thought and action in the fine arts of the culture we inhabit.  It was for precisely this reason that Dr. Mann was brought, with my advice, to the new Las Vegas Art Museum, and the wisdom of the museum's choice is clearly being confirmed.

     The Las Vegas Art Museum is now poised to begin making a serious run, over the next five years, at national recognition.  The curator's five-year plan will culminate, if LVAM's growths allows, in two spectacular traveling exhibitions originating at the Las Vegas Art Museum, then going on a world tour.   One will be a definitive, epoch-making painting and sculpture exhibition of international art after Post-Modernism.  The other will be called Las Vegas Architecture, placing this world-famous architectural phenomenom confidently within the context of the most advanced contemporary architecture and artistic theory.

     These exhibitions are a tall order, but the leadership of the new Las Vegas Art Museum is aiming very high.  The museum aspires to address the international art community from the most sensational urban publicity platform in the world today, the world-replicating, visionary, virtual-reality capital of the cyber-cosmos, the number-one place where the future is already being built: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Joseph Palermo, November 1998


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