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Museum Store Report - November 1998

The Museum Store is expanding on November 15th into the Studio Gallery with a Holiday Boutique.  Local artists are invited to submit and sell holiday-related items.  The Holiday Boutique will be open from November 15 through December 31 during museum hours.  Work will be accepted November 1 through November 14.

An aritsts reception will be held in the Museum Store on Sunday, November 15 at 2 p.m.  All members and their guests are invited to meet the artists and holiday shop. Refreshments will be served.

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New York sculptor Essie Pinsker's lifetime retrospective
exhibition at LVAM, which ran Nov. 6-Jan. 10, has brought the
museum its first national press coverage. An article on the
show by Sean Simon appeared in the December issue of Artspeak,
a New York international art review, closing with this judgment:
"This impressive retrospective exhibition stands as a fitting
tribute to the ongoing career of a major sculptor whose
accomplishment warrants far wider attention. . . . One can only
hope that a similarly inclusive survey of Pinsker's work will
soon be mounted in the city of her birth." This exhibition was
also given an article by Chuck Baker in Sculpture, a national
magazine published by the International Sculpture Center in
Washington, DC.
     The new Las Vegas Art Museum plans to make a habit of
beating New York to the punch in identifying the most important
new art of our time. Such art is no longer being made in New
York: young, still-unrecognized artists can no longer afford
to live there. A watershed has been reached, and the most
profound innovations, the most advanced new art, is now being
made in places other than New York. LVAM is dedicated, among
its other ambitions, to leadership in identifying and exhibiting
this new art. In recognition of this museum's foresight, Essie
Pinsker has decided to donate a $35,000 sculpture to our
permanent collection.
                     *    *    *    *    *
1998 is going to be very busy indeed for LVAM. On January 15,
an exhibition of Art on the American West, plus wildlife and
landscape art, will open, culminating in a nationally publicized
auction of the works exhibited, which will be held January 31
in the museum's main gallery. A portion of the auction proceeds
will benefit LVAM. LVAM hosted a smaller, yearly exhibition
and auction of this nature from 1986 to 1992, so this year's
event will mark a resurrection of what had become something
of a tradition at this museum. After all, I am told here that
"Nevada is farther west than California." Over 300 works of
art will be featured, 125 of these being paintings commissioned
especially for this exhibition and auction, a rare and remarkable
arrangement. For further information, call organizer Tom Matthews
at 878-1144.
     February will see a major exhibition of African art owned
by prominent Las Vegas collector George Sturman, coinciding
with national Black History Month. The Sturman collection's
holdings of African art are so excellent and extensive that
they could easily constitute an African-art wing for any art
museum presently lacking such a department. LVAM is profoundly
privileged to be able to offer the viewing of this collection
to the public at such an appropriate time of year, and at such
a significant stage of the museum's own development.
     The African art exhibition will be complemented by an
exhibition of two-dozen sculpted portrait busts by Indianapolis
sculptor Daniel Edwards, a professor at the Herron School of
Art of Indiana University. For several years Edwards has been
executing, from life, series of busts of still-living prominent
American athletes of the past. Some of this work was exhibited
in Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics, and this past year at the
Civil Rights Museum in Birmingham, when the state of Alabama
proclaimed a Daniel Edwards Day in honor of the artist. Two
portrait series will be exhibited at LVAM: one of famous players
from the old Negro Baseball League; another of American Olympic
athletes of African heritage.
     In March and April, LVAM will host what might be called
its first celebrity art exhibition: a lifetime retrospective
of work by Bob Guccione, who is best known to the public as
the flamboyant founder and publisher of Penthouse magazine.
But Bob Guccione began his adult life as a starving expatriate
artist in Europe, and originally founded Penthouse in London
in order to support his life as an artist. The commercial venture
grew into General Media, a publishing empire of a dozen magazines
and movie production. 
     Mr. Guccione now has an art collection of Old Masters and
20th-century art worth over $200 million, and is a very
knowledgeable artist indeed. His entire private collection was
exhibited in 1994, accompanied by a sumptuous catalogue, at
the Nassau County Museum of Art on Long Island. He has previously
had a one-man show of his own work at the Butler Institute of
American Art in Youngstown, Ohio. 
     LVAM, again, is privileged to be allowed to host his
lifetime retrospective. Bob Guccione's painting recovers,
explores, and exploits the lost visual vocabulary of modernism.
His manner of doing so provides a surprisingly sober solution
to the problem of reconstituting the possibility of beauty,
both formal and expressive, in new art at the highest cultural
level. The Guccione exhibition will be accompanied by a deluxe
color catalogue, which the artist will be happy to autograph
at the opening reception.

For additional information or to volunteer for any of the
events listed above, call the museum at (702) 360-8000