in collaboration with R2001 Art Ring

-with an open invitation to participate extended to The Alternative Museum, NY
and/or the Computer Art Museum, NY and the New York Arts Magazine

at the


A proposal from its Director of Internet Programs, Rodney Chang, M.A., MS.Ed., Ph.D.
April 1998



"Art After Post-Modernism III - The Fusion of Exhibit Realities"



A multimedia art "event" to run for days that includes the following elements-


1.Formally declared "art installation" specific to formal museum space

2.Performance in real time of scheduled artists creating primarily for posting new works on the Internet

(source of art: from within museum exhibit space; targeted to display in: the cyberspace of the Internet)

3."Originals" created (paintings, drawings, sculpture, mixed media, digital art printouts, etc.) to be exhibited in designated museum gallery as artifacts of the goal of displaying the work online

4. Published catalogue to document this historic fusion of physical museum and Internet exhibition spaces;

both spaces used as new elements of the repertoire of artists creating "art after Post-Modernism"




1. Las Vegas Art Museum and possibly a second site museum

2. R2001 Web art ring of artists dispersed around the planet- doing business as normal in creating art to upload to the Internet audience

3. New York Arts Magazine- publicity, interpretation, interviews, photo and text documentation

4. Webmuseum Cybercolony - a leading virtual art museum on the Internet with new section to present this symbiotic fusion of itself with physical museum space

5. The Art Institute of Houston - symbolic representation of all of today's art students, inheritors of the new art world as expanded resources of the coming millenium

6. Decendants of deceased artists - ceremonial representation of all deservedly but undiscovered artists who missed the Internet opportunity to introduce their work to this new world audience




1. Event held within museum over number of days, with scheduled artists creating in installed "art studio" equipped with Internet capability; to include computer systems and work space for traditional artists such as painters and sculptors

2. Art Festival atmosphere with working artists and passing audiences, starting with a formal art opening/reception

3. Artwork scanned or photographed for uploading to Internet.

4. "Originals" created in order to produce the virtual counterparts are displayed in the museum as an exhibition in itself

5. Photo and critical evaluation as on-going documentation for later catalogue

6. Selections made as "Best of Show" by Curator for his museum's exhibit space; selections made by representative parties for permanent Web sites exhibit pages (R2001, LVAM Homepage,Webmuseum Cybercolony, NY Arts Magazine, other possible museum site)



1. Historic first interaction between formal physical museum exhibit space and Internet all-world display space with works and derivatives exhibited simultaneously in both exhibit realities

2. Descriptive and theoretical review of this event as evidence of the movement's presence on the Internet too as described in "Art After Post-Modernism", book soon to be published by LVAM's curator, James Mann, Ph.D.

3. Major group test collaboration of members for R2001's planned world art event in the year 2001

4. Artistic metaphor for opportunity of the new millenium's artists

5. Artistic metaphor for all deceased artists who never had the opportunity of using the Internet as resource

6. Once and for all, proclaim digital art as a recognized fine arts medium, one generic to the Internet technology itself and thereby most aligned among art media to benefit in the latter's expansion in technical and cultural developments



Still in planning but may range from either the openness of an art festival atmosphere to a enclosed studio quarters whereby the audience cannot see the artist at work but only the output when completed (via Internet online monitor screen and "originals" taken from studio for display on museum wall)


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