Las Vegas Art Event Proposal
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 22:53:28 -1000
pygoya <>

in collaboration with R2001 Art Ring

-with an open invitation to participate extended to The Alternative
Museum, NY and/or the Computer Art Museum, NY and the New York Arts
Magazine at the LAS VEGAS ART MUSEUM

Dear R2001 members,

As a member of R2001 and my new role as "Director of Internet Programs"
with LVAM I have submitted the my "Web Box"
installation/performance/exhibition proposal to Las Vegas Art Museum.

The finalized proposal is posted at
Just scroll down to "Art Proposal for LVAM" to review it in its

The Curator, Dr. James Mann, who previously committed to collaboration
with R2001 during my March visit to the museum, has reviewed the
proposal as presented online.

He accepts it as a possibility for an event at the museum, possibly in
the autumn of this year but more realistically probably in early 1999.

The proposal, conceived by me, restricts the interaction of R2001 and
Las Vegas Art Museum (and any other museums who want to participate) to
the creating of artwork by artists within physical museum space with the
work targeted for the Internet audience besides the museum's exhibiting
walls. In essence, the creation of work for a "fusion of exhibit

The power of the event is the ACT of creating art not just for the
museum but simultaneously for the Web. An obvious new esthetic question
arises - where is the "original"? Online or on the wall? This would be a
first in investigating online art display relative to formal museum
exhibition space.

Such a limited artistic goal for the event makes the event simple and
economic, thereby feasible.

No huge logistical problems with securing the lastest expensive and
leading edge technological equipment to make new electronic art

No high tech technicians and experts needed. This is just as much for
the painter and the sculptor as it is for the digital artist. The choice
of art medium by which to CREATE is deemphasized. This is NOT meant to
be a high tech art show.

The event merely showcases the human act of making art (a performance of
sorts) that will be hung on the wall but also scanned for the expanded
world online audience. For this modest goal just 2 setups are necessary
for the "cyberstudio" installation.

l. one or two pc (one DOS, one Mac?) systems with printer; uploading
capacity to the Web

2. drawing table and easel for traditional media artists, video camera
connection or Polaroid camera; scanner.

A black and white documentary catalogue is planned with an essay by the
curator, contribution by R2001 membership and hopefully the NY Arts
Magazine staff. All participating institutions and artists shall be
listed in the publication.

Before actual dates can be set the museum invites the above listed
parties to participate and would like to know what dates are mutually

We need to know how many artists can actually come and schedule time to
create, whether in front or away from an audience, how R2001 membership
would want to modify the proposal and what other resources the group can
provide the project.

The museum is in no position to provide transportation or lodging for
any artist who choose to participate.

So before the museum plans further we as a group must decide if we are
interested to enact in this specific statement on the museum-Web based
artist relationship. I believe it could be a historic event that
predicts change of the "art world" as it has existed in this century.

Again I say, this event is meant to limit the need of complex and
expensive electronic equipment. It's more of a celebration of the
expanded world of exhibiting due to the high tech revolution, that can
be beneficial to both the artists and the established art insitutions.

Everybody please review the proposal, again it's at

I already have a commitment from the faculty and students at The Art
Institute of Houston (Texas) to come and create art for this event. They
will symbollically represent the future artist of the next millenium.

Now I hope R2001 members want to participate to make this a reality.

Whether from laptop, available PCs at the museum or art fresh off your
sketchbook or easel, all work WILL BE DISPLAYED at the museum. Consider
your work part of a "group show." No censorship, all members'
participation welcomed. I made this point clear with the curator and he
agrees this event shall conform to the democratic spirit of the R2001

OK, let me know if you want this to happen.

Yola, I hope for your commitment to the project and please ask
Alternative Museum and the Computer Museum if they also want to set up
similiar installations. We can detail out how to make work done at each
of the two different locations interactive on the Web.

LightHome Hawaii