Rodney.. Have read again and again the copy of the proposal you have
sent The LVAM..Very, very impressive, I see nothing in it, that would
prevent them from an acceptance..Looks like it will be a first,
historically in many, many ways..Plus another way for the Museum to
increase their traffic, and have a display that will be "One of a Kind".
I know you are very busy my friend, appreciate you sharing that with
me, and wish you nothing but the best, as that is what you strive for...
Until I hear back.. Go for it..!
Best wishes to you and your Family for a Happy Easter.
Bill Russell

April 9, 1998

I enjoyed reading your proposal, particularly the "ceremonial
representation of all deservedly but undiscovered artists who missed the
Internet opportunity to introduce their work to this new world audience".
How true that is. How flattering that Art Institute of Houston students
will have the opportunity to represent the artists of the future. If you
have the opportunity to meet some of them, I think you will recognize the
accuracy of your statements. What do you think about having artists (myself
and students and possibly others) drawing and painting into the computer
during the exhibition, with the images being output to large wall mounted
digital display panels - the museum guests could see the images forming in
process on the panels, (whether or not they could see the artists) and the
images could be simultaneously output to the internet? I'm sure a
manufacturer or vendor of the display panels could be found who would be
willing to donate their use for the publicity.

Next weekend I will be in Amarillo addressing the annual conference of the Texas
Association of Schools of Art. My topic is "Incorporating Computer Art
Courses Into the Traditional Art Studio Program", and I will be sure to
mention your website.

Nancy Wood, Art Institute of Houston
April 10, 1998