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Every 2 years, starting in 1998, a pioneering artist that creates unique art and esthetic experience is selected by the museum as its Artist-In-CyberResidence. With support and encouragement of LVAM the artist works to provide new art for the Web's Cyberculture. Works are displayed and documented in this section of LVAM's Web site.

Our first Web based artist is Pygoya. Previous Internet works include our "acquired" work of art, the artist's e-art installation, Truly Virtual Web Art Museum. This Internet-Site Specific work is more than an installation as it incorporates the multimedia resources of the Web, traditional art media, and collaboration with other artists to insure its longevity as "living art through a creative communal process". Truly Virtual Web Art Museum includes the following feature attractions that require constant updating and management by the curatorial Webmaster of the project-

The Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart - Pygoya's own "cyberart" vrml exhibits
The Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart-
growing vrml collection of global digital art
The O'Carney Webmuseum Theater -
fine arts animation found on the Internet
The Cyberculture Library and Art Museum -
research on Web arts for artists
The Mausoleum Art Museum
-an online memorial resource/service for all artists

1997 Prior Pygoyan Web Art - A Cyberart Portfolio

See the artist's Longest or Deepest art piece on the Web (1997)

MONA , 1997, Pygoya-"It's Alive!" or greet her at; fulfill your fantasy of seeing the Mona Lisa express herself- 664 KB

PYGOYAMATION NO. 2 1997, Pygoya's "Pygoyanimation No.2" in the extended and complete animation of Pygoyamation No. 1; of course a larger file size; for those who enjoyed the abbreviated,  sampling version and are now willing to download the complete piece- 1.7 MB( not for the casual surfer), with sound

Home on the Web WCOSG Gallery - February 26, 1998

INVASION OF GEOCITIES.COM , 1997, - his virtual residence was among the casualties in this "invasion" on April 26, 1997

Definition of Cyberart of the Web

1998 Java Applet Art - links may not work now as content may change under directions of other webmasters

A hsitorical documentation

Bits of Amor to Still Life with Image Fade Applet -A collaborative Cyberart piece by Pygoya (Still Life) and David Orr of Scotland , Java Applet special effects artist (Image Fade Applet effect-this applet slowly transforms the picture over a period of time) -April 1998

Paradise - exhibited at Trans Hudson Gallery, NYC, 1998 as part of r2001 art ring's historic Internet download exhibition


Pygoya's Art - Past, Present and Future - Robert Wren

History of this Web Site- for Prix Ars Electronic 98, Austria -by Cyberstaff

New Web art is posted here as created for this museum's ARTIST-IN-CYBERRESIDENCY program

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