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V i j a y    b h a i
Hyderabad, India

Online exhibit launched on Chinese New Year,  February 19, 2007 


Vijay bhai




I was fond of painting from childhood. I joined Kalabhavan (Fine Arts College) at Tagore's university at Santiniketan in 1951 but after some time I was shifted to graduate school due to family compulsions. At Santiniketan, first as a student and then as a schoolteacher, I was actively engaged in painting and sculpture as a part-time student of the College of Fine Arts. I entered a long academic career and lost touch with art.



Towards the end of my professional career I was attracted to digital medium. Between 1992 and 1995 I played with elementary graphic software. These were largely line-based drawings filled with uniform shades of color. From 1996 onward I started seriously creating compositions - first largely in the mould of conventional fine art akin to Bengal School. Gradually I have improved and diversified my digital repertoire. Since 2K I lean heavily on original abstract digital compositions in Painter without scanned images and then rework them Photopaint. I believe spirit of art is more important than medium or physical form. Internet is very powerful, more democratic, and universal platform for all art, more so for digital art.


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