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Photography by Rodney Pygoya Chang
May 9, 2008


Kawaihai Harbor


















Canoe club




This industrial area before arriving at Kawaihae Harbor




Kawaihai ridge living













Highway 19 - close to Kawaihai looking at Kona-Kailua in distance

A video on how it looks driving on Highway 19





On Highway 19 driving to Hawai and Kapaau





Highway 19









Horses grazing below




Highway 19 - viewing back at Kona coast, going towards Hawai





Snow in Hawaii!  postcard:  Kohala coastline with snow capped Mauna Kea in the backgound





Highway 19 lined with trees as you get closer to Hawai and Kapaau, close to the northern point of the island; lots of northeastern wind
howl through the trees




Sleepy town of Kapaau, 2 miles from Hawai





Between Kapaau and Hawai - note the ocean at the northern tip of the Big Island





Hawi town - main street





Available (what I can to see) - 2 retail spaces, 2 residential above and behind - $750,000













My rental white car (Mercury Marquis, a "full size car" at Hertz 

























Hawai tatoo parlor




Store front




Hawai street




Hawai herd




On the way towards Waimea from Hawi









To Waimea, also called Kamuela




Parker Ranch now has around 250,000 acres; the green hills made me recall photos I've seen of Ireland




postcard: Some of the hired hands - cowboys have been working the herds since the 1830s, way before the arrival of cowboys of the
 American Wild West.  For example Wyatt Earp was born in 1848 and the gunfight at O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona occurred in 1881.




Waimea below





Just into Waimea




Coming into Waimea town








Old style ranch house for cowboy families; typical shutters




Horses still abound, here's one on the "wet side" of Kamuela





A Pinto




Life style Waimea




Lush empty lot



Another ridge on the wet side of Kamuela





Wet side neighborhood; note the afternoon fog staring to descend





Wild turkeys in someone's yard.  Wonder what happens on Thanksgiving?
















But there is downtown and a bit of traffic after school and coming home from work. The commercial area is on the dry side of Waimea.





Hub of town activity at the Parker Ranch Center; has a nice centrally located food court - includes Chinese, Mexican, Pizza, Japanese foods




Available mixed zoning condo





A Mauna Kea observatory administration center





Nice, cool and breezy country living in Waimea! 
 A possible gallery?






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