"Just Ingrid"
lost in dreams
Uploaded January 11, 2007

A sponsored exhibition by Truly Virtual Web Art Museum

Born in 1952 in Gummersbach, Germany. High school, afterwards education of graphic arts under her grandfather and father, both painters. Own galleries in Kaarst near Düsseldorf (1978 - 1980) and in Mönchengladbach (1980 - 1982). Several national and international art shows and collaborations on- and offline. Together with Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya), Honolulu/HI/USA founder of "Webism Group of Worldwide Artists" after their "1st European Art Tour" which led from Frankfurt via Sonthofen to Vienna and Budapest.

About the Artist
Ingrid is a third generation artist. She was born into art. It's like breathing to her. She did oils, pastels, acrylics, etc. - all that traditional "stuff." But when she discovered the computer in 1999 as art tool she became a "freak" (as she puts it)  and couldn't stop working with this amazing tool. Today she loves to work "Mixed Media" and enjoys her work with Pygoya and the worldwide artists of the "Webism Group of Worldwide Artists". This group has artists from all fields of art although mainly artists working with the computer. It is a wonderful community working together not only for art but also for peace and understanding worldwide.  

Curator's Comment

Ingrid's virtual canvases, ablaze with passion materialized via pixels splashed like paint, has always piqued my appreciation and respect.  The outpouring of emotional imagery endlessly flows  from her creative spirit residing deep within.  Yet she finds the time to dedicate to Webism in order that all artists who share art online, have a support group that also commits to that common calling. Enjoy this series of works, fresh from her psyche at the start of  2007.  And note, indeed, her profound observation that "all of nature is sexy" is indeed true.  - Dr. Rodney Chang




To risk an eye










As time goes by





Behind the scene




Two Girls










It could have been Paradise





Hot 4










Love Story




My Kind of Heaven 37





My Kind of Heaven 13





My Kind of Heaven 30




Nature is always sexy





Nature is always sexy 12









Shadow of the past





Taken away





Touchy Woman


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