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Hi Pygoya, I have taken a look at your site. It is fantastic! The photographs arebeautiful. It was so interesting for me to read about your impressions   from exhibition and India. And photographs are very interesting. I am feeling as I was in the exhibition with you. Catalogue is excellent. I  have not enough words for expression my feeling. How you can do so much  work for creating so wonderful exhibition. I think I can not do so. It  is talent too. Thank you for catalogue which was presented to Russian  Consulate. I have seen your art work which was presented to US Consulate.  The great! It is new impression. The site can not give so deep feeling of art work. Thank you for your wish to send catalogue to me. I am very grateful you.   I think the First exhibition of digital art in India had a great = success! Thank you Pygoya!!!! I am very grateful Shuhbojoy too. .

(Maybe consulate can sponsor show, make Russian catalog. You can add   more Russian (2) to show in your country.) Then I will pay to ship it to Bangkok or Milan for you. Let me know. - Pygoya)

The situation with help to art is not very good in St. Petersburg. Only   the chiefs of very big St. Petersburg organization can have so help... I  know chief of galleries who have good galleries but they can not have  help to their international project. May be I will have possibility to  create exhibition in the future. I will write you about it imediately in  case I will have good result. Best wishes, Cathy.