Guest Book Comments

Oxford Gallery Exhibition




Vaishali - very modern, very thought provoking, hope you guys really go places.

Dayshree - photography with a wonderful mix of technology and creativity

Steve Labensky - a beautiful forward movement

Koleshik Roy - "Right Now"

Cal-Hiranandani, India Book House - Simply Superb!

Rica Roy, Zee TV - Excellent!

Annette Sharkey, Canada- Excellent! My first time viewing digital art. Very impressive!

Elvira Oosterling, The Hague, Holland - Excellent exhibition and high level of art; please all continue...

Melanie Stuppies, Partsmouth, England - Excellent exhibition, perfect environment and lots of hard work shines through; truly amazing, thank you.

Adita Bakshi- Powerful. Famoboyant. Futuristic.

Alna, Calcutta - Mind-Blowin'!

Christine Reedman, UK - Excellent.

J.C. Shahan - Novel. Very interesting.

A Siddigini - Great applications in visual imagery!

JDem - Excellent, something new and essential for the new millennium

Yogi Chopra - we made it!

Paritish Sen - very interesting show.

Amitana Kendu, UK - compact, sexy, flashy. Not bad.

B.R. Panesar - very interesting and thought provoking exhibition

Supriya Wandan - Nice looking and creative. I am also satisfied seeing these paintings.

Biswatosh Sengupta- Quite impressive and a new of its kind.

Oisiki, NDTV/Star News TV- Wonderful work, wish there were more Indian artistes venturing into cyberart

S. Das- Great!

Shili Mitra- I love it really!

Sanny Mitra - Dem var finna!