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Dakshineswar Temple




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Victoria Memorial

Dedicated to the memory and power of Queen Victoria, now serves
as museum of paintings and relics of 300 years of British rule. Lots of
old knights armour, swords, huge portraits of Bristish consuls to India;
interesting piano and desk and chair of Queen Vitoria.  2 rupees entry fee
$1 US= 43 rupees, 12/1999




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Birla Planetorium

It is the largest in Asia.  Owes its existence to the Birla Education Trust who
presented it to the West Begal Government in 1929.




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Metro Railway

Started in 1984, it now overs Dum Dum to Tollygunge. Underground
railway system carrying a heavy population of Calcutta (approximately
12 million at turn of the millennium) underground. The surface streets
are so totally congested in this 30 square mile city it's hard to imagine what
things would be like without this underground alternative transit system!



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